Tuesday, April 27

every picture tells a story …

It seems like at least a few of you really want to know more about photography,  just like me.  And since I strongly believe we should help each other as much as possible, I’ll be posting a few photo tips here and there, with apologies to everyone who already knew this.  This is NOT a technical post, just something easy that anyone can do.

Ever since I’ve had a camera – dating back to the very first little point and shoot that my dad bought me, I love to get really close to my subject.  Or even just a part of it.  Only to find out it is a well known photographic principle - “filling the frame”.  All it means is that you fill the frame of your viewfinder or LCD screen with whatever it is you want to take a photo of.   That’s it.  It works with any type of camera at all. 

Let me show you an example from some photos I took in February.  Below is a camellia bush.  It’s OK but nothing special. 

IMG_3835When you focus in on individual flowers, this is what we get.


IMG_3895 2

Yes, I did use a “good” camera and lens.  But in this case, it’s simplifying the photo by getting in there that really makes the difference.  Want proof?  This one below was taken with a 7 megapixel point and shoot a few years ago. I think it is still pretty.


I really love this technique when photographing people.  Just fill up most of that lens with their face.  It is amazing what a difference it makes.   I’ll even use it to capture an architectural detail that interests me. 

You can’t always do it, and you won’t want to anyway.  (Because who wants to photograph a pebble if you’re at the Grand Canyon?)  But it is a good way to add variety and a little more “oomph” to your photographic arsenal.   And anything that makes us look at the world in a slightly different way is probably a good thing anyway. 

So “snap” (sorry, couldn’t resist!) to it, and let’s see what you can do!

Have a great week!




  1. I'm listening so keep going. Lesson number one down and I am ready for whatever you have Stephanie. Todays pioint is good to keep in mind, sometimes its the obvious, simple things to remeber when using a camera.Thanks!

  2. I LOVEree if full bloom tomorrow. I can not wait to go outside and photograph the cherry tree in full bloom if it survives tonights rain. This time, I'll shoot a little closer.

  3. Now I hope I remember and put this to practice.

  4. I love all your photo tips, but I still need to go shopping for a new camera. Any suggestions that won't break the bank?

    P.S. I'm pretty sure my packages didn't change me liking mail too much, maybe just a smidge!

  5. Nice! Thanks for the tip, Stephanie. I love your close up shots!

  6. Snap to it---you crack me up! You always make me want to pull out my camera and go on an adventure! Next time I'll be sure to get up extra close! xoxo katie

  7. Lovely Stephanie
    It really does give you a lovely image using this technique.. a lot of impact!!! I'm afraid I have a little camera envy as can't really get that some lovely 'blur' on my point and shoot. As always your photos look beautiful and I'm now off to read you next post... been a little slow again this week.. xx Juie