Sunday, April 25

it’s a little late for earth day …

But everyday should be Earth Day, right?  I thought I’d share what I use for my recyclable bags … they’re from Envirosax, and though they have different patterns that I like better now, these things last forever, so I’m not replacing them.  Below is the set I have.

They come 5 bags to a pouch just a few inches wide … fl_pouch_rolled_bags_1


And open up to a bag about 19 inches high that weighs less than 1.5 ounces, and holds a LOT.  And I mean a lot – 44 pounds each!  (Some of the ones in different fabrics hold less, but I don’t buy lettuce 40 pounds at a time anyway.)


These are almost always enough for me to do my weekly shopping for our family of four.  And they pack small enough to fit in a glove box. Not too bad, right?  I’ve had them for a few years, and they are still as good as new.   And because there is no store logo, I don’t feel bad taking them into any store I go to.   You can buy individual bags too to suit your individual style. 

Proving you can go green while being perfectly chic too. 

Have a great week!





  1. HI Stephanie
    Great idea.. i have something similar in batik fabric I bought in Bali.. it folds up and zippers into a purse.... everyone always comments on the cleverness.. it's quite handy really....wish I had more.. These look quite good and I agree .. much better without a logo....

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.. xxx Julie

  2. These are so pretty! Much better than the standard green cloth tote bags I have with my grocery store's name printed on them. I want some!!!

  3. What funky bags and such a good idea, I am very French and use an enormous Provençal straw basket, it is easily big enough to hold all my groceries and more importantly plenty of bottles of wine.

  4. Stephanie, there are adorable! I need to get myself some as I'm always carrying something or shopping for something.

  5. Stephanie, I am so so impressed. If you could see what is stuffed into the trunk of my car you would shriek in horror. I must have 50 assorted recyling bags of all colours and sizes from supermarkets around the world. Do I remember any of them when I go shopping??? No..which is why I have 50 assorted...
    Must say, If I had something like yours I would feel like a new woman!
    Have a great week Stephanie!!


  6. Gret idea and super job for your post today. You are very creative as I would probably never thought of sharing recycled bags.

  7. those are awesome. i have a few bags from stores, but could use a couple more.

  8. those are really cute--I'm so tired of plastic. I've bought a few cute totes but keep forgetting to bring them with me when I shop!

  9. PS...I have tagged you for your 10th photo...more details on my post :)

  10. I LOVE those bags. I've totally given them to friends!

  11. Yes, everyday should be Earth true!