Friday, April 23

happy weekend!

Kate lesson 129 ed signed 

A little more of my little love here … I processed this one to make it look a little “vintage-y”.    It doesn’t have a thing to do with this post.  I just like it!

We’re still crazy busy here, but this happens every year when you have small kids and you hit the last few months of the school year.   I just looked back and realized I only posted three times all of last April, so I am way  ahead of last year!  

I have to say, I’m really happy that you all keep coming back, and that I’ve gotten some fabulous new followers.  You girls rock!  And I love your blogs!  (Can someone please come up with a better name than “blog”?)  I always find a ton of beautiful things and inspiration there.   So thank you on both counts! 

One last question before I sign off for today.  Other than my photographers extraordinaire, like Traci Thorson and Julie at Being Ruby, etc., who need no assistance at all, would you be interested in me doing an occasional photo-tips post?  A few people have asked, and I don’t mind, but I’ll leave it in your hands.

I hope you have a happy, wonderful, amazing weekend.




  1. Oh Stephanie
    You sweetheart.. I for one would love some tips.. I certainly would enjoy any technical tips you wish to share and anything re PS also.. I love what you have done to this photos.. I'm still pretty new to PS and trying to find this same sort of look..... Beautiful photo by the way..there is something so 'comforting' about the colours of the horse... [not sure if that sounds a bit strange.. haha] the earthy tones.. the glow of the sunlight...

    Well I haven't been blogging much either... been a crazy few weeks.. take care and have a wonderful weekend.. xx Julie

  2. Stephanie, love your blog too. Have a fabulouse weekend.

  3. Yes-I was taking those wisteria photos in the sunlight and just knew they could be better -tried to keep the sun behind me--but could use some advice. have a great weekend, Barbara

  4. Yes! Yes! Yes! The email you sent me last week was so helpful, Stephanie, so I would love to see some photography tips from time to time on your blog. Can't wait to see your first tip...

    Have a great weekend! xo

  5. I am always open for any help available. You cannot imagine how many things I have goofed up during this past year.

  6. Hello, What a beautiful page you have, I'm new to you but would be deeply interested in reading some photgraphic tips as I do struggle..Very glad to have found you

  7. yes. Yes. yes. to the photo tip question. Many of us need all the help we can get so any help is appreciated that we can read at our own pace.
    Your vintage type horse photo is fabulous, can we have that tip first?? Have the best Sunday. XO

  8. I am in for anything photo related.

    I like the vintage look too.

  9. Dearest Stephanie,
    You visits are always welcome, and yes, I haven't seen you post in quite a while! It gets really crazy and busy at this time of year, but it is so nice to have the weekends. You can come by anytime for some refreshments under the canopy of big dreams! Have a fun week, Anita

  10. Loving the vintage fooled me!

  11. Do you have to ask? Of course I'd love it! Please give plenty of tips as I have no idea how to take a photo.

    P.S. LOVE your blog, Stephanie!

  12. you are so sweet. i love tips from everyone. you can always learn something. love the vintagy look of that photo. beautiful!!!