Thursday, April 22

that’s my girl …


It was the first softball game of the season.  She is so serious about softball.  She loves it and has fun, but she is all about getting it done.   I lightened the pictures slightly, but it went from 68 degrees and sunny to 50 and rainy as soon as they started the game.  But they were troopers.   Especially number 7…And then she knocked it right outta there! 


I’m still not sure if she was more surprised or the catcher…

Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA here.  I have been following all of your pages, but just a little too swamped to post.  I have two new (very needy) clients, and on top of that, softball, baseball, Katie’s first violin recital, my sister’s  birthday, an orientation program at school, a friend’s birthday celebration,  etc., etc… April is exhausting!  But it is a good tired, so I can’t complain too much.




  1. Good for her! My daughter has never been very into sports (she's an artist) so I've never had to do the whole juggling sporting events thing.


  2. I think it is nice when the young folks want to participate in sports. It is good for them. Also, makes a great way to spend time as a family.

  3. Awesome for her. I remember playing softball and hitting a few outta there! Oh how I hope my daughter gets into it someday! Remember your breathing while trying to do everything under the sun. I have no idea what I'm talking about, it just sounded practical with all you have on your plate!


  4. HI Stephanie
    Great to see your daughter having so much fun!! I loved softball at school and went to my first baseball game here in Sydney during the 2000 Olympics... [baseball is not very big here]....

    Have fun with all your activities.. xxx Julie

  5. Your daughter looks wonderful on that field, Stephanie.

    My mother never allowed us girls to play sports. She was so afraid a ball would hit us in the face and deform us. As a child, I couldn't understand her reasoning. But now I know she is so old fashioned, she worried that we'd never marry if we had our faces scarred in any way.

  6. Cute pics...I do miss America, maybe one day...

  7. She is such a cutie...and your April exhaustion sounds a whole lot like mine! Happy Weekend!

  8. That is great! Yep, you are busy! April is almost over..May is busy here, and June, OH MY!

  9. Awww, cute! Love her uniform, purple and pink, that's awesome! So glad I happened upon your little world, I'm a new follower!

  10. Life does get in the way of blog reading and blog posting. I have learned that lately. Hope all is well and you are having fun with your sweet girl!

  11. busy, busy time. i love softball. i miss watching karlie play so much. enjoy her games.