Monday, April 19

a day at the beach …

In case you didn’t guess from the last post, (the one sign said
“beaches”, but it was hard to read), this is where we went yesterday.  We took this road …
 029 …saw this in the sky… (I shot this one out the car window.)


And ended up here.   036e 

The sky was crazy.  It went from gray to so sunny my photos were completely overexposed, to cloudy and back to sunny.  I don’t think the sky came out the same in any two photos, and I took about 40 of them.  But, oh, when it was just right …



I love toes in the sand …


That’s my daughter, her friend, and my son walking down to the water.


It was a little windy, and definitely too cold to go in the water, but they played and ran and had fun.  And then they raced us back to the car.

083e I can’t wait to go back again.  Hope your week is wonderful!



P.S.  Just 16 posts to number 200!  And FYI – the Nook is already on the blink!  It creaks like crazy when you turn the page, and the buttons on the left side now have to be pressed at least twice before they work – that started just about 50 page turns in.  I’ll keep you posted on what Barnes & Nobles says.


  1. Beautiful photos, Stephanie! Your beaches on the east coast look so different from ours on the west - whiter sand, and the plant life is different. How far is your drive to get to this place from your home?

  2. All your photos are gorgeous, Stephanie. Those beaches on the east coast are quite something else. Beautiful. Incredibly beautiful.

  3. Looks like the perfect weekend excursion. I'm envious-- I'm just dying to go to the beach! Beautiful pictures :)
    XO fallon

  4. beautiful beach photos. i love the fence and the seagrass. perfect way to spend the day. i am very jealous.

  5. Stephanie, these photos are sublime. they bring back memories of visits to my stepmothers beach house in Wilmington, North Carolina.

  6. What wonderful pictures..I love the fenced path..
    It must have been warmer there..I walked down to the Bay and it was really cold and windy,,there were whitecaps!

  7. Hi there Stephanie, beautiful images your comment was very sweet, hope to offer up a DIY fashion post again, very soon! Thanks for sharing your love of nature! See you soon! Sharon xx

  8. Great photos Stephanie...I like to take pics out car windows too. Hey, you just never know. I have taken some great shots that way...your worked here too :)
    Hope you are having a great week!

    Jeanne xx

  9. Lovely beachy photos..too bad about that Nook!

  10. I so need to get the dude to the beach before the 100 degree weather hits!

  11. Thanks for dropping by my place. I really enjoyed the visit to the beach with you and family. I love walking in the warm sand.

  12. Congrats on almost 200 posts, my oh my! And these photos are beautiful (no surprise there). You make me miss the seaside so very, very much! Next time you go kiss the sand for me!!! xoxo katie

  13. Beautiful photos of the beach.

    You have made me miss it:)