Sunday, April 18

it’s a matter of opinion …


But since you asked, of the three readers, the Kindle is my favorite.  I think it is the easiest to use, not that any of them are hard.  But no one really needs to show you how to use a Kindle.  All the buttons and functions are pretty clear.  It is a little lighter than the Nook too.  Finally, the prices on Amazon tend to be less than the other two.   Hope that helps a bit. 

I was feeling sort of sorry for myself that the Sony was on the blink, so I am glad to have the Nook.   They do have a great selection, but you can’t use your Barnes & Noble discount if you’re a member.   And I already used it, so no giveaway, (sorry!) but my 200th post is coming up soon, and I have an idea in mind for that.

And the photo has nothing to do with the e-books, but does make me smile.  Love that blue sky.  And I’ll give you a little hint of where we went today, until I post a few photos tomorrow …





  1. I haven't tried the Kindle yet. I love how your text is big and I don't have to squint!

  2. Point where oh where is that???
    If your ears were burning last night it was because of me.
    My husband is stuck in Istanbul as a result of the ash that is hovering over Europe. He has read three books and is finding that there is nothing to be found in English except the use of a computer. At which point I said, ah...'but if you had a Kindle all you would have to do is download another book because my friend Stephanie said it was the be all and end all and she would know....'
    Somehow being stuck in Istanbul with no end in sight and hearing that it was to bad he did not have a Kindle did not quite lift his spirits. He did manage to find the only english TV station and is now 'in the know' on 'Gossip Girl'!

    Have a great week Stephanie!


  3. Hey Stephanie
    I feel like I have walked into a secret code conversation.. Kindle.. Nook... No idea.. hahaha that is till you mentioned e-books.. still no idea.. .haha
    The photo is lovely.... and congrats on getting to 200 posts.. That's quite an effort. I may have to go back and read them all one day!!!

    I can't remember if I thanked you for your lovely comments but you really do know how to give someone a lift.. and thank you for that!!! Have a great week... xxx Julie

  4. Is that a camping hint? Hope you had a fab time!

  5. That blue sky is lovely.
    And I have to agree with Julie. It does feel like a secret code conversation.