Friday, April 30

a little weekly wind-up

040 Vintage summer crop

Still insanely busy here, and running constantly.  Today’s adventure included the dentist – a 28 year old filling gave way, and can I just say, ow!!!

I got a couple of new photography books to play with yesterday, along with a gray card.   Which will mean nothing to some of you, but has made my day!  And the class won’t even be covering them for another two weeks, but I love it already! It makes a tremendous difference in photos. Yay! More photography fun for me. 

No new photos to post, because everything I’ve been taking lately is my kids.  I just played with one from the beach the other day and processed it to give it a more vintage, summery look.

Which brings me to a question – does anyone know how to disable the copy and save on photographs on blogger?  I figured that if I turn that off, no one can copy the kids’ photos on me, and I can post them again.  I’d appreciate it if someone has an answer on this. 

Have a great weekend! 



UPDATE:  I'm answering Julie’s comment here in case anyone else has the same question.  A gray card has a few uses, but I am using it to set a custom white balance.  To over-simplify it, all this means is, your camera is looking for a certain shade of gray to determine how to correctly expose and balance your photo.  The gray card gives you the right shade so the camera can figure out how to process the photo the right way.  Not as big of a deal in landscapes, but I did notice even my tricky dining room wall which is green but often photographs gray came out just right.  And the difference with skin tone is great.  In just a few seconds you get a much better color in your photos. 


  1. Hi Stephanie
    Another beautiful photo.. intrigued to know what the grey card is...???
    About the disable... I not sure how you can actually stop copy.. but when I post mine they don't open up into another screen.. will check out my setting and let you know... Have a lovely May Day and thanks for your always sweet comments.. xx Julie

  2. lovely..... i will leave the photos to my wonderful boyfriend ...the master.
    and will truly enjoy yours... have a great weekend..xx

  3. The sky looks amazing in this one! I hate to go running, but I would if I was there :)

  4. tension melts away with your photo.

    i have no clue about copy or gray stuff (LOL)...sorry. :)

    thanks for stopping by. my dad's doing a little better.

  5. Wish I could help you with the question. I have not idea what your even talking about. I wish I knew more about the blogging world, but happy able to do what I do. I loved your picture today. Thank you for visiting.

  6. i just ordered one too. the same on from karen's blog???? i have use a wb lens cap for a while but sometimes i don't think it is correct. i saw from karen's blog that erin uses the card for metering correctly too. i am excited to try that. have a great day stephanie.

  7. Lovely photo editing, there. I have GOT to take a photography class and get a decent camera, it's crazy, doing graphic design and not being a good photographer. Good inspiration!

  8. I wish I knew how to stop people from being able to copy my lil' dude's photos. Hence, why I have so few of them on my blog.

  9. What a gorgeous sky that is, Stephanie. Ah, how I wish for summer vacation.