Tuesday, May 4

still feeling lucky …

I won I won I won!  Our church had a fundraiser on Saturday to benefit of the kids of the parish.  Everything from Sunday School to the youth groups.  There was dinner, which was donated by several local restaurants and was very good, and dancing, and lots of nice people.  So we went and bought a bunch of raffle tickets, and I won a large bottle of Jo Malone perfume.

image And then I won a $100 gift certificate to a new restaurant that opened nearby - Bar Frites.  My husband really wanted to win that one, so he was thrilled.  The same family owns many restaurants and I am sure this will be as good as the others. 

I also entered a contest to win a Shutterfly House Party.  So 14 friends and I will get together and make free photo books in about 2 weeks.  (Sure hosting the party will cost me more than the photo book would have, but hey, it’s all fun!) YAY us! 

Other than that, it was a work and baseball filled weekend.  I haven’t had a minute to take a photo all weekend.  And I really need to.  I’ve been working an extra 20 hours over the usual lately,  and it is starting to get to me.  But at least there are plenty of good things to balance out the negatives. 

I hope something lucky and fun is coming your way too!




  1. Yeah Stephanie
    Well done.. feels good when a little luck comes your way.. sort of creates hope for bigger things no matter how small the win....

    Hope your week just gets better and better.. xx Julie

  2. Oh lucky you for winning Jo Malone. It is my favorite (154) and that is the only one I use. except sometimes I add a dose of JM Blue Aquave which my husband loves. Have a great week. XO

  3. Congrats to you lucky lady!!! Jo Malone is my fave...which one did you get?

  4. Great news Stephanie!! I would say you are on a winning streak. Which fragrance is it? Are you familiar with all the layering system that she has? If you have more than one fragrance, check out her website. Just beware....you will be adding a few more to your list...Shutterfly party sounds great!!


  5. Lucky duck--I love Jo Malone (grapefruit and Basil lime my favorites) you are on a lucky streak!!

  6. lucky you! jo malone is lovely and i would love a $100 gift certificate to just about any restaurant — what fun for you and your husband! congratulations :)

  7. Stephanie, luck, lucky you, it's just so great to win things, now your on a winning streak, I wonder what else is coming your way.
    I am very envious of your Jo Malone win, I adore her fragrances.

  8. Congratulations Stephanie. All the prizes are wonderful and the church event sounds like fun.

  9. You lucky girl! You hit the jackpot didn't you?

  10. Lucky you! Do buy a lottery ticket, you are on a winning streak, Stephanie.

  11. Congratulations, Stephanie! Let me know how the restarant is!