Friday, May 7

hello, again!


I’m back!  I’m more than halfway through the work that has been consuming all my time, and will definitely be catching up on your blogs over the weekend.  (I told the clients they had me all last weekend and I was not working this one!) I’ve missed you all!  I did finally get to take some photos, because I had to take my daughter to Old Westbury Gardens for a school project.  So once I get myself a little together, I will be posting those.  I haven’t even looked at them until today, and that was just to grab this one and post it. 

In the meantime, I just wanted to say “hello” and have a happy weekend to all my blog friends.  I’m leaving you with a sweet song, below.   If you like it, you can download it free on  I love Amazon.

Have a wonderful weekend!



*No copyright infringement is intended by the posting of this video.  If the owner wishes it removed, please contact me and it will be done immediately. 


  1. Hi Steph ~ Welcome back! Have fun this weekend getting caught up. :o) xo

  2. Hi Stephanie..great song!!

    Look forward to seeing the photos, the one you have shown is great!

    Best wishes for a wonderful Mother's Day!!


  3. Hi Stephanie...Beautiful photo!

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Have a lovely Mother's Day weekend!

  5. A sweet tune Stephanie, makes you kind of happy doesn't it? Have a wonderful Mothers Day weekend.XO

  6. i hope you get all caught up on blogs. that can take a while. i haven't been stopping by as much this week either. busy!!

  7. I love this photo! Wish I was in a canoe floating alongside that duck.