Tuesday, April 6

look who’s up!

April 2010 007

I am such a warm weather girl.  Which is probably why I will never see those Northern Lights in person.  (though I really want to! If only they weren’t in cold places!) 

But today was a good day.  We found the daffodils were out in the yard.   A book I wanted to read was free today on my Kindle.   We blew bubbles.

April 6 011

April 6 013  April 6 017   

Then we took a drive to Funky Monkey.   It’s a super cute toy store.  Then off to Grace's Marketplace to get some things for dinner.  They make the best fresh mozzarella there.  I sliced it up with a nice beefsteak tomato with dinner.

Then we took a drive to the water to stick our toes in.  (All of a sudden, my kids got sooo big!  It really hit me today.) 

April 6 021eApril 6 035 April 6 031Then we had dinner, and the kids went outside with their friends.  In a little while they’ll have to come in.  But it was a great way to end their spring vacation.  Tomorrow it’s back to school.  (Yay!  Don’t tell them how excited I am!)




  1. what a wonderful day stephanie. great photos. i love seeing glimpses of your family. have a great evening.

  2. Stephanie, when I saw the photo of your kids, I just realized I forgot to respond to your last email. I blame it on the antibiotics I was on, because I rarely forget. Forgive me. My daughter's four.
    Anyway, the daffodils look lovely. As do the bubbles, and the kids. :)
    Love and hugs to you. Enjoy tomorrow!

  3. Great shots, Steph! My gkids waded Sunday down the block at the Bay..brought home lots of sand for Nana! I did tell dil to bring clothes so they could get out of their Easter things and enjoy the beach!
    I am loving this weather..

  4. I could never understand it as a child, why my Mother seemed to get so excited at the end of the school holidays!

  5. Well aren't you on a roll with all the fun happenings---free books, sunshine, bubbles, what's not to love?! Still can't get over how adorable your kids are---my mom always marvels over how quickly we grow up : )
    xoxo katie

  6. I don't do cold weather either and somehow we got transferred to the north:(

    Sounds like a great day. I wish I could stick my toes in the sand!

    Do you love your Kindle? I want one bad!

  7. What a lovely way to spend time on a family outing. It appears all had a super time. Thanks taking us along and also for your visit at my place.

  8. Such a great day...as backed up by such amazing photography!!!

  9. cute photos... i loooove bubbles... i buy a little tub every summer and sit down on my balcony and play with it!!!