Monday, April 5

northern lights

I found this video on line today – it is only a minute long, but beautiful.  Can you even imagine looking up and seeing this in the sky? 

We had a wonderful Easter, filled with family, love and too much food.  We always start Easter with a midnight mass on Saturday night.  Candlelight and song usher in the Resurrection.  It really is a beautiful service, and never fails to move me.   I hope you all had a wonderful, happy weekend.



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  1. Beautiful Stephanie
    It is certainly on my bucket list of things to see one day... Glad you had a wonderful easter and wishing you an equally wonderful week xx Julie

  2. Sounds like you had a beautiful holiday. Yay! I'm dying to visit Alaska.

  3. wow. I have to put seeing the Northern Lights on my list of things to do before I pass. I'm glad your Easter went well! :)

    x Emily

  4. Stephanie, I love the Northern Lights, there was a great TV program about them with Joanna Lumley (Absolutely Fabulous)Don't know if she is well known in the States go:
    to find out more about it. If it ever airs in the States you must try and catch, amazing footage.
    So glad you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

  5. Wow ~ that's beautiful! Glad to hear that you have a good Easter! :o)

  6. Years ago, I saw a meteor was like a dream!

  7. My son once flew with my pilot brother and fell asleep to be quickly woken up by my brother who said " wake up, you won't want to miss this". My son said the Northern Light show was like waking up from a surreal dream. I will show him this, great post. Xo

  8. Having grown up in Iowa there were times when as a child we could see the Northern Lights. Never as dramatic as in this video but we could see a bit of the colorful display sometimes.

    The Blue Ridge Gal

  9. so pretty and dramatic--reminds me of summer night looking up at the stars