Friday, June 4

before the parade …

… was the annual 5K race. Which my daughter decided she was going to run. Despite never having run 1K. In fact, the only way she had ever done more than 1K was on the back of a horse or a bicycle. But she wanted to do it. This picture was right up our block, just past the 2-mile point. 020 It was hot, it was muggy, and she was so tired. That’s my son in the background. Like a good big brother, he rode his bicycle behind her to keep an eye on her. (OK, so I made him.)

The man behind her is in the volunteer fire department with my husband. He is such a nice guy. And one mile later … success! Here she is just about to cross the finish line.


She finished in 40 minutes. Not too bad for a first try with no practice at all. She was sweaty, red, and sooo tired. And she still wants to do it again next year. My baby is so fierce!

Hope you have a great weekend!





    PS. Your town looks lovely too!

  2. That is great that she is interested in such a nice thing. Besides it is good exercise. Most young folks use their energy in the wrong way. Best wishes to her and keep running.

  3. Love it!!! Congratulations to your little warrior!!!
    Love how you call her fierce!! what a proud mamma...

    Is your husband a volunteer fireman???? I have a family history with the firebrigade.. my grandfather...

    Have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  4. Your daughter is obviously made from good stuff! Well done to her, I hope you made a big fuss of her afterwards, she deserves it.

  5. Oh my gosh, Stephanie, you must be so proud of her! I loved seeing the pictures of her running this race with her brother close behind. Very sweet. Congrats to your daughter!!! That's quite an accomplishment. :o)

  6. Well done! I am sure you were just as proud of her as she was of herself.

  7. Bravo! I am so proud of her as I did one today as well and it was good but certainly not easy~
    Have a marvelous week,

  8. Congrats to your daughter! Good for her! I like that you made brother ride his bike:)