Saturday, June 5

the good life …

Last weekend, we went to our favorite Greek restaurant.  And by favorite, yes, all four of us agree.  So does everyone else we’ve ever taken there.

We ate outside, right on the sidewalk, people watched, and ate some really good food … Why does everything taste better outside – even in the city?


That’s the husband, looking forward to good food and an ice cold beer.  We ordered a bunch of appetizers to share instead of four separate meals.   We had salad, calamari, amazing homemade grilled herbed meatballs, grilled haloumi cheese, grilled octopus, and the best handmade fries.  YUM!

007 I stopped taking pictures right after the salad.  I was a bit distracted by all the good food.  

We could go there every week and not get tired of it.  And it is the kind of place where they never rush you out, even on a busy Saturday night.  I think we spent nearly two hours there, chatting, people watching and enjoying the food and each other. 

Next time any of you come to New York, we are so  going there! 

Have a great weekend!




  1. I am so with you and I can't tell you how good that ice cold beer sounds about now!!! The food sounds wonderful...only in New York!!

    Jeanne :)

  2. Stephanie!!! WOW! Greek food, fun, family, what more could anyone want? Like the French, I think that the Greeks really know how to enjoy their fabulous cuisine, but who wouldn't love this faire....such fresh ingredients and luscious flavors such as oregano. Happy days to you and your family, and thank you so much for coming over!!! Anita

  3. Sounds wonderful Stephanie!

    I love dining outdoors and people watching.:-)

  4. We used to go to a great Greek restaurant back in England but I've never actually been to one in the US! Shame you put away your camera after the salad I was wanting to know what else you ate ;-)

  5. The food looks yummy and it's fun to see a nice photo of your hubby too. :o) Glad the four of you got to enjoy a good meal and company!

  6. I will never be in New York but if I did I sure would try that place. Sounds really good. I also think it is so nice for you two to spend quality time whenever you can.

  7. Oh yum, my favorite food! Sounds like the best time!

  8. Love Greek food, if you ever visit San Diego go to Athen's Market downdown.

    Art by Karena

  9. You're making me so hungry! The one thing I miss about NYC is all the fabulous restaurants! Sharing a bunch of appetizers sounds so good! So does people watching - that's always fun!


  10. I just know that if we were to meet up in New York, you and I would have the grandest of times.

  11. OH stephanie
    I love Greek food and haven't had it for ages.. and I love to sit outside and people watch!!! Wish i could pop over to New York now!!! not to mention winter is starting to be felt here!! Have a lovely weekend.. xxx Julie

  12. sounds lovely! i would love to touch base with you but couldn't find an email for you.....i live in NY too :) my email is

  13. Sounds like a great place to eat!

  14. everything looks very yummy. so you're going to take me there this fall. can't wait!