Friday, June 25

quick and easy project



Just a quick filler post until I get 5 minutes to myself – which should be Tuesday, I think.  (I hope!)  Hope you’re all doing great! 

This was a super quick idea I had.  I took a few of my favorite landscape and flower shots from last year and cropped them to a square.  Then I ordered them as 3x3 photos, took a bit of ribbon and some mini-clothes clips, and strung them across the kitchen bulletin board.  (which I had made years ago by painting and old window we replaced, and mounting it on a board with cork in between.)   I’m probably going to move them, but I never really display any photos other than family shots and I thought that this is a easy, pretty way to display them.





  1. Very sweet and a great way to look at the pictures you like. Have a great weekend, hope it's not too busy for you but lots of fun. See you next week ;-)

  2. Stephanie .. you are a winner!! looks fantastic..

    I love square prints!! something..???? balanced ? about them.. don't know .. it just really appeals to me... and these photos.. of the photos .. are great. Love the painting/drawing in the background too!!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!! xxx Julie

  3. A very original and unique idea. They look great hanging around the room.

  4. Ha! Finally a project I can do too! It's adorable. Hoping you have a fun weekend, Stephanie. Love and hugs!

  5. Looks really good - much better then having them in a drawer - or in a computer-file!

  6. I LOVE this idea, Steph! And I think it's great that you are displaying some of your photos that you normally don't on a regular basis. :o)