Tuesday, June 22



One of the best parts of summer is eating light.  And finding easy no cook (or little cooking) recipes makes my day.  This one my whole family really loves.  It is easy to make ahead too, so it is also good for company or a summer buffet.  

Take grilled chicken, (I either grill a few extra pieces when I am making it for dinner and set them aside for this salad or pick some up at the deli counter) and toss with seedless red grapes, granny smith apples, and Newman’s Own light olive oil and vinegar dressing.  (If you can’t find that in your area, a very light olive oil and white vinegar will do just fine seasoned with a little salt and pepper.)  Add in some chopped walnuts.  (I took the photo before I added the nuts.)  It is light but still satisfying.    

Trust me – this looks better in person, especially with the nuts added in, and your family will love it.  It is low calorie, low fat, healthy AND delicious.  Especially delicious. 

Let me know if you try it!



  1. Yum is right. That looks SO delicious!

  2. It sounds delish. I went to the movies with Caden and ate almost a whole tub of popcorn and just ate a spicy chicken sandwich. I am going to hate myself in the morning. I will need to eat this for a week:)

  3. Hi Stephanie
    Well this looks delicious and I probably could have it too on my new insulin resistance diet.. boo hoo.. very boring..

    Well love the fathers day gift in your last post.. perfect!! trying to catch up on my lack of blogging,,, I fear it is impossible!!!

    Thanks for your kind comments and good wishes.. can't believe I found something so quick either... When I finally get my own home with pool somewhere rural but overlooking the sea!! hahahaha you are most welcome to visit!! hehehe... one day... got to keep putting those thoughts out to the universe right!! take care and have fun.. xxx Julie

  4. yum stephanie. i am going to give that a try. karlie will love it!!!

  5. Seriously? My mouth is watering! And it's breakfast time here. :o) This is a great salad recipe that I will most definitely try very soon. Thanks, Stephanie!!!

  6. Yum is the right word, I am going to try this.

  7. This looks yummy Stephanie. I roasted some chicken breasts in the oven yesterday and might make something like this today, I have grapes in too. I sometimes like it with light mayo too, and walnuts :)

  8. I do believe I have all the ingredients on hand.