Monday, June 28

somewhere, beyond the sea …

OK, so it isn’t the sea, it’s the Long Island Sound.  But it is a perfect spot for lunch, isn’t it?  My friends and I always try to get here just before the kids are done with school.   There are three levels.  Behind the white railing is a wrap around deck where we ate.  Downstairs, right on the beach, there is catering.  The canvas wrapped deck on top is the Sunset Grill, where they serve light dinners overlooking the water.   There’s just something about eating outside near the water.  (I had a yummy turkey club on a croissant with a side salad, if anyone was wondering. It had melted cheese and guacamole on it.)  Isn’t that a beautiful view? 


I think it’s the only place on the North Shore you’ll find palm trees.  That’s Connecticut in the distance.



Summer by the shore…  ahhh ….




  1. Beautiful Stephanie. All these images are wonderful. Would love to have one like the lifeguard chair for my lake bedroom. Maybe I can find a scene similar at the lake.

  2. looks lovely, Stephanie! Makes me want to be there SOOOOO bad. Funny for me to think you have a limited supply of palm trees. They are every where you look in Arizona! In fact, we have two in our front yard and one in the back.

  3. These are great Stephanie! I love the last is going to look very different this weekend I am sure!!

    Happy 4th!

    Jeanne :)

  4. Gorgeous pics Stephanie, I'd love to go there for lunch. You've got me singing that song now.... 'somewhere waiting for me'...
    Have a great Monday.

  5. I love the sound! When I lived in Connecticut I always wandered down to the water for lunch on the back deck of the local market. How I miss it!

    xx Katie

  6. What a gorgeous place! Can't believe they have Palm Trees!


  7. That would be great place to relax anytime. I like sitting with the cool breeze off the water in your face. I might even have one of those sandwiches.

  8. Fabulous shots Stephanie
    You know I consider any body of water that taste like salt!.. the sea!! My own little watery haven here is really a bay.... but the same great feeling.. Doesn't just wet the appetite to smell all that salt . and take in those views.. Have a lovely week my friend.. xxx Julie

  9. Beautiful! (do you see me on the Ct. side waving hello? :) )

  10. Aren't lunches with friends in beautiful locations just blissful and lovely?

  11. Ahhh, indeed. Gorgeous views. Enjoy the 4th of July holiday.

  12. Looks like an amazing place for lunch. You're right. Anyplace on the shore is perfect. I will be on the Florida shore in a few days. How are ya liking that new camera. Shots are great. Very clear and sharp.

  13. Gorgeous photos!
    I love striped beach umbrellas!