Tuesday, July 6

topsy turvy

By now, you’ve probably all seen the ad for the Topsy Turvy tomato planter, right?  You place your tomato plant in the bag, hang it up, and tomatoes grow down, with no need to stake them.  Easy peasy, right?  Here’s how it looks in their ad.

imageSince I decided to use my prime tomato spot for the hydrangea hedge, we decided to try the Topsy Turvy this year.  They certainly don’t take up much space, and they’re growing very well, especially when you think how late we planted them.  What’s the problem you may ask?   Well, take a look. 

003They are growing UP instead of down! 

006And just to be clear that this isn’t a fluke, it is happening to all of them. 

005   I’ll say it’s topsy turvy!  This is one of those things that could only happen to me, I think. 

Hope you have a right-side up day!



PS Blogger has been deleting your comments as soon as I read them and not letting me publish!  So if you’re one of the 8 comments on the last post, I did get it and read it, I just cannot post them.  Hope this is just a glitch! 


  1. Hi Stephanie

    Topsy Turvy is right! A novel concept, this is the first I have seen of them. I always forget, which part are you suppose to pinch as they grow?

    Having the same problem with comments. When it has happened in the past I have had to wait a few hours and eventually it all comes right.
    Hoping it is the same in this case too!


    So...what happens when those branches really start to grow?? You might have to tie string from above to support!

  2. Too funny with the tomatoes.

    Blogger comments are being touchy for me too. I got emails, but they don't show up under my blog post. :o( Hate that!!!

    Enjoy your day...and your topsy turvy tomato plants. :o)

  3. Too funny about the tomatoes...bet they taste great! Having the same issues today with blogger! Thinking the heat has gotten to it! :)

  4. I tried a topsy turvy this year too but it didn't work, I think I over watered it, and it was trying to grow up too just like yours. I didn't get that big so I stopped watering it all together and let it dry up :-/

  5. Maybe they will grow "down" after they get heavier? Thanks for visiting, don't miss our GIVEAWAY. ~Lidy

  6. Check out our tomatoes (vegetable garden).


  7. I kinda like that they're growing upwards!