Monday, July 5

twinkling lights …


It was a quiet 4th here.  The whole weekend was pretty quiet.  And HOT.  We got together with friends on Sunday for a barbeque at our house.   Then we all went to the elementary school to watch the fireworks at the golf course.  They’re done by the same company that does the Macy’s fireworks.  Everyone in town who isn’t a member of the club goes over to the school to watch.   They did a spectacular job this year.  (We left the video at home by accident, so I can’t share.  I felt sooo bad!) Then back home for dessert.  Other than that, we watched a few movies, read a few books, played a few games, and unwound. 

Before the heat wave, we had a gorgeous spell of weather.  So we hung some twinkly lights, and had dinner on the deck every single night.  Then the kids rode their bikes and played with their friends until it was too dark to see.  I so love you, summertime.




  1. You have described the perfect holiday weekend. We get the Macys fireworks here at the Windsor/Detroit border river but for some weird reason they had them 2 weeks ago which no one can figure out.We are having a heat wave here, supposed to hit over 100 tomorrow which means 110 with humidex. Blogging in A/C comfort tomorrow sounds perfect.
    Happy you relaxed and enjoyed. XO

  2. We had a quiet 4th here too, hubby was sick and just lay on the sofa, I went and ate with my neighbors then brought him a plate back. We sat out and watched some fireworks too.

  3. Twinkly lights make an evening so much more magical!

  4. You have the right idea Stephanie, sounds like my kind of weekend!
    Love your twinkling light...stay cool my friend. I have been reading about an impending heatwave for the East Coast.


  5. there is nothing wrong with a quiet 4th. i think i like them best. love the twinkle lights.