Wednesday, September 15

60 years …


This past weekend, I had the privilege of joining a lovely family celebrating their parents’ 60th Anniversary, and their 80th birthdays.  (They were only 20 when they married, practically babies to my generation!)    How does one last 60 years in this age of disposable marriages? *

Theirs is a beautiful story.   Many children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  So I got to thinking about their relationship, and I think I have some of their “secrets” to share.   They are truly good, kind people.  They have kept their faith and made it part of their family.  They laugh, a lot.  They are still cute with one another.  They have a smile, a wink, and a touch as they pass by each other.  They were mingling for most of the party, with different guests, and they never lost sight of where the other was.  And I guess in a nutshell, that is it – they never lost sight of one another.   They know each other, listen to each other, and appreciate each other.

So today, in honor of a lovely, lovely couple, I ask you to stop for a moment, remember the reasons why you came you love your other half, and let them know how much they mean to you.   You’ll never regret it. 



*I know there are plenty of legitimate reasons for getting divorced, and I don’t mean to disparage anyone. This is just a generalization.


  1. This is an amazing post, Stephanie. What a beautiful love story!

    I don't know if you have been by the Back Porch since yesterday afternoon. It has disappeared. I am starting over at Typepad. Fortunately I can get into my dashboard, for now, so I am able to access my follow list. I am going from friend to friend to let everyone know my new address.

    Hope to see you at my typepad address..which is definitely a work in progress!

  2. I think we have a lot to learn from the 'older' generation... my mam and dad were married just shy of 50 yrs (before Dad passed) and had 6 kids, and not much money.

  3. how sweet, sounds like my grandparents, they were amazing!! susan

  4. They never lost sight of one another! I love that..I really do!

  5. I love the story of this couple, Stephanie, and your prompting of taking time to appreciate the relationship I have with my awesome hubby. :o) ♥ Well said and great food for thought!

  6. My parents just celebrated their 50th back in July. That is wonderful that the couple just never lost site of one another. My hubby and I really like each other. We have been together for almost 20 years and married 19 1/2! We are best friends. We laugh a lot and we enjoy each others company. I wish that everyone felt the way I feel about my husband:)

  7. What a great story, and accomplishment. Marriage is work for sure. Years ago I don't think many even saw divorce as an option. It was till death do you part!
    Not that all of those were good marriages. We have all seen couples who should have split.
    I am glad your relatives had a loving marriage, they are an inspiration!