Wednesday, September 22

random …


Just a few random thoughts here.  I’m sorry I’ve been an absentee sort of blogger lately.  It’s a combination of a blogging blahs and being busy.  But not an exciting busy, a running with the kids busy.  Not a ton of photos to share either.  I need a little reboot I think.

We’re in the full swing of back to school here.  A ton of activities and social events ahead.  Which make for fun days, but not much blogging.  I really need to find out how to block copying on my photos so that I would feel more comfortable posting the kids’ pictures.  THEN  you would see pictures!  You’d be begging me to stop.  And as busy as my kids are, they are not in nearly as many activities as some of their friends.  How do people do it all? 

We did get a fire pit, and the kids had fun making marshmallows and then s’mores.   We were thinking of getting a gas one, and those really cool colored glass pieces instead of the gas logs.  But then we priced it out and thought we’d try a regular one first (less than $70) and see how much we use it before we invested thousands. (The pits are expensive, the glass is expensive, and then we would have to run the gas line underground.)   So far, that would be once.  Plus, with the gas kind, you can’t move it.  It becomes a permanent fixture.

In other news, I got an award from the lovely Deb at Paper Turtle recently, and I will share that as soon as I get my act together a little.  Thanks Deb – you really are the sweetest!  

And finally, today is the day my baby goes back to horseback riding.  She was so excited, and now she is so scared and isn’t sure she wants to continue.   As much as the mom in me says, “Don’t do it. It’s safer on the ground,” I also know how much she loved it.  So please say a little prayer for my baby.  That she finds the strength inside to get back something she loved.  If nothing else, that strength is something important to take with her as she grows.   Thank you.



Update: She did it!  Reluctantly, crankily, perfectly! 


  1. is she scared just because it's a new teacher or because she had her fall - or both? I hope she tries again and likes it. We are off to our lesson today too, if it's not called off cos of thunder and rain!
    I use the 'no right click' on my blog so you can't copy pics, but actually I think there's still a way to get around that if you drag the pic to the address bar, it will load in a different page and you can copy it there. I just don't worry too much about people trying to steal my pics I guess.

  2. Strength--you said the magic word Stephanie and I will say a little prayer that she gets back up on that horse and rides like the wind...safely :)

    Here you on the blogging front. I have taken to just grabbing 2-3 photos of interest and not worrying about loading up. It seems to be making life a bit easier. I will try and remember who has the block on copying their photos. It will come to me...

    I am still fussing with getting my name on my photos...still!
    Hopeless is what I am, I am :)

    Love your marshmallow shot. A friend in Mass picked up a really simple BBQ which looks like a large bowl and sits on short legs. She throws a few sticks in and has a nice little roaring fire. It smells great and is perfect for a marshmallows around the fire. Should be inexpensive. I can find out where she got it if you like.

    The other idea is a chiminea. Are you familiar with those?

    Best wishes Stephanie and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my streetlife pics in Beijing...Jeanne xx

  3. Dear Stephanie
    I'll say a little prayer for your baby..but I suspect as it is her great love she will sail through it and be so happy to get back in the saddle [pardon the cliche]...

    I love your 'blogging blahs'.. I think we all have that from time to time but glad to see your back... re the block photo copy.. i think there is a few ways for ppl to get around it... I did though see a utility somewhere that tells you if your photos. or text have been used elsewhere with a link to such.. just can't remember the name of it.. will think on it

    Have a lovely day.... and congrats on a well deserved award.. xxx Julie

  4. welcome back sweetie. i have missed you. i understand though, sometimes the world starts spinning a little too quickly. busy is good though. love a fire pit. have one at the cabin and use it all the time. nothing like a real one. i can taste the smores now.

  5. Been missing you Stephanie.

    I'll say a little prayer for your baby girl.

  6. take it easy and enjoy your time with the kids... we miss you but we'll be here...

    sending good vibes your way!

  7. I'm sure she's so proud of herself, as are you! I don't know how you younger moms do it. Mine are grown. And still, where does the time go?

  8. Love the photo of the roasting marshmallows, and can't wait till our weather cools down so we can have fires in our pit out back.

    I'm so glad your girl is going to be riding again!!! Brave little one, you have! xo

  9. That is what happens when you have children. They take a lot of time and love. I can assure you they are worth it my opinion. You will find time to blog in between their world.

  10. I just read your post script...Congratulations to your daughter. These things are difficult and I'm sure she used every bit of courage she had. And, I'm sure it took every bit of your courage, as well.
    You are so wise to be protective of your children's photos. Take your time and find what works to block them.
    Sending you lots of good thoughts. You have a lot going on now. We will all be here waiting when things settle down and you have a chance to blog.