Wednesday, October 27

cake love

Thanks to everyone for the cupcake love in the last post.  You’re all so sweet and encouraging.  I haven’t made any new cakes in a while, and a few of these I may have posted before, but it’s been a while and some of you are new here.  So I’m posting some of my favorites. 

There’s a quilted cake with a gum paste bow. 

May to July 2009 081

Some gum paste flowers I made on a two tier cake.  I used my camera phone on these so they’re not great pictures. 



A cake for my niece’s birthday. 

May to July 2009 096

A doll cake that’s a little fancier than the usual frosting one.  Everything on her is made of fondant and gumpaste.  There were hundreds of those little pink flowers on her. 

May to July 2009 092 May to July 2009 095

It’s something I really want to get back to.  But it can be time consuming.  And my stash of gumpaste flowers sort of had an accident involving small children and playing ball in the house, so I need to make a bunch more of those.  I just need this rain to stop so I can begin.  And a little inspiration! 

Hope you’re having a great week. 



  1. Be still my heart......these cakes are beautiful.



  2. wow. what a talent you have. those are amazing. love the first one and the doll. i had a barbie doll cake like that when i was a kid. i loved it.

  3. Beautiful, Stephanie! I only did the Barbie cake once, and it had to be whipped cream! Lily's request! I sis use a pandoro pan for the bottom so I got the ruffled effect, nowhere as pretty as yours!

  4. oh my goodness, these are all amazing!

  5. Your cakes are gorgeous Stephanie. I used to make sugared flowers years ago too and actually made my friend's wedding cake with flowers on it. I haven't done any in years though.

  6. Beautiful Stephanie..
    The flowers are divine... how clever you are!!! xxx Julie

  7. Oh my goodness, Stephanie, they are all gorgeous! Too pretty to eat. Really!

  8. i would feel bad to eat any of these they're so beautiful... love that tufted one... looks a bit Chanel like... love it!

  9. These are amazing, Stephanie!

    Thanks so much for coming by the Back Porch. You should have seen me set that fall table, yesterday. I just threw it together. I have a vintage ecru crocheted cloth...around here someplace, that would work great with that table also. The elegant mixed with rustic is a favorite of mine.

    Happy Weekend!

  10. Wow Stephanie, you seriously need to get back into this, what a talented lady you are, the quilted cake is amazing.

  11. Wow, you are good! Wish you lived closer so I could request a cake anytime I wanted, lol!

    Glad I could make you laugh!


  12. Wow. You are incredibly talented!

  13. That kind of talent should be inspiration! Wow, I'm impressed. I can barely ice a cake myself.

  14. My word, if you do have business, you should start one. I have never seen cakes like this any of our bakeries. You do a fabulous job. I have done so many different ones,I cannot remember them all.

  15. Ok, Stephanie, I am sitting here with my mouth hanging open. These cakes are over-the-top-fabulous!!! You are always leaving such sweet comments about my crafting, well let me tell you girl, I don't come close to holding a candle to you on cake decorating!!! I took a class years ago when Carrie was little and made ONE cute birthday cake for her, all done using a star tip. That was it. I just didn't have the knack for it, and the clean up was horrendous.

    Wow. I'm in awe. You must do this more often and post more photos!!! VERY well done!!! ♥

  16. The cakes are amazing. Gorgeous! You are so creative. Amazing!

  17. ???? Stephanie!!!

    Did you make these gorgeous cakes?? You never cease to amaze are one talented lady. Man...I can't even begin to comprehend the amount of patience that would go into a single flower let alon a whole cake.
    Well done you!!

    Jeanne xx

  18. Oh my goodness! Amazing photography...and now this! Wow, you are one talented lady!