Tuesday, October 26


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These didn’t come out quite as well as I hoped, mainly because I didn’t have the right cutter for the fondant, and I was having issues with my flower cutters.  But it was a quick easy idea that you might want to try.  You definitely don’t need to be an expert with fondant to do these. 

All I did was roll out the fondant, then use an imprint mat to make the design.  Just smooth a little icing on the top of the cupcakes to adhere the fondant, cut out the size you need and place it on the cupcake.  In the end, I really liked them best before the little pink flowers, but my daughter was helping and since it was for her bake sale,  she got to decide. 

Give them a try.  I will try them again one day when I have more time to work on them.  But not too bad for a first attempt, I think.  And two dozen cupcakes took about 10 minutes to decorate. 

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!  It was a terrific day made all the sweeter for your kind words! 

Have a great day,



  1. oh my gosh. those are so cute. are you kidding me. they look great. i only had fondant for the first time this summer. it was yummy!!

  2. HI Stephanie
    Fabulous first attempt!!! They look quite perfect to me!! You are such a sweet mum!!!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday... birthdays should be enjoyed and shouted from the rooftops I say!! haha enjoy it for the rest of the week!!! xxx Julie

  3. The are very cute and I have never worked with fondant before. You did a good job.

  4. I don't know, Steph...I think they are pretty darned cute! I've never seen fondant stamped/embossed like that. And those cute little pink flowers?!?! Too much!!! I've never worked with fondant before myself and I'm always impressed when I see it so well done. xo

  5. I'm SOOOO impressed!!!!! Beautiful!!!

  6. I was lucky to have just a plain ole cupcake. Never did we have any this fancy. Wish I could try one of yours. They look so tasty.

  7. They look adorable.
    I am not a fan of fondant. Seems everyone picks it off and leaves it on the plate.
    Did you like it?

  8. Very impressive! The cupcakes look so sweet...in more ways than one! Wonderful.

  9. these are so cute--you really are a talent powerhouse! Feel better soon, xxBarbara