Saturday, November 20

the bedrooms

Today’s post is two of the bedrooms.  The first is the master, and the second is one of the guest rooms.  Can I tell you how small our master bedroom is and what I would give for one big enough for a bed, shelves, two seating areas, a desk and a fireplace?   I included the whole wall where the fireplace is, and a close-up of the fireplace too.    Opposite from the bed are a few floor to ceiling windows that step out onto a second story terrace.  I didn’t photograph it as it had gotten quite overgrown, but I definitely wouldn’t mind that either.   Especially when the view is of lovely, lush gardens.    




This is one of the guest rooms, decorated for Hanukkah.   The room was small, and the only other thing in it was a small writing desk and chair.  There was an arrangement of bowls filled with mini silver and gold dreidles and small coins.   Through the door is the en suite bath.   Every room had it’s own bathroom. 


A few more bedrooms are up in the next post, and then the outside views.  Hope you’re having a great weekend!




  1. I am always surprised when I look at details of a show home. There are always little touches that NEVER would have occurred to me! For instance, when I look at this fireplace, I think I could have come up with the greens on the mantel and the stockings. But I would have not thought to put two tiny wreaths on the front of the fireplace screen. Yet, it would not look the same without them! They're perfect!

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. The wall color in the master bedroom is KILLER!!!

  3. Dearest and most faithful follower,

    Your words on my post are so encouraging, and I thank you from my heart...your ROOMS ARE STUNNING! AND YOU ARE CELEBRATING HANNUKAH!!!! I am not Jewish, but OH HOW I LOVE THE TRADITIONS you hold near and dear. What loveliness that abounds here and YES, YES, ART+ SMART= US!!!

    Have a wonderful thanksgiving and those rooms are so cozy my friend!


  4. I will never have a home that looks like this..I am just thankful for what I have and content. This is great for those younger and upgrading. My daughter-in-law goes for all this good stuff. In fact, she had an interior decorator and has a show place as well.

  5. Hello Stephanie,
    Thank you for this tour of the show house, it has been lots of fun. So festive and pretty. Reggie

  6. Beautiful. I love the color of blue on the walls in the first room. Like you, I wish our master bedroom had more room. Doug insisted on keeping his king sized bed when we combined households, and it takes up SO much room in our master. Would love to have enough room for a gorgeous sofa at the foot of the bed!!! I can dream...

  7. Love that dark blue and white. That color combo just says elegance to me.

  8. This tour has been great fun. Thank you for taking us along. The blue wall color is wonderful and I love the color in the dining room, as well. Oh, and yes, I love those Tiffany boxes! Lots of fun ideas to incorporate on maybe a smaller scale. Thanks again for the fun tour.

  9. I like this one, more peaceful. A fireplace in every room, those were the days! :)

  10. Wow..big room! I tried putting a couch in front of our sleigh bed yesterday and coudn't move...this room manages to pull it off perfectly. I would love to have a fireplace in the master...hopefully, one of these countries, one of these days :)


  11. I'd love to move into that master bedroom! I just love how cozy it is.