Friday, November 19

the sitting room …

The sitting room was beautiful.  There were so many beautiful things and textures.  It was a small room, and I photographed most of it, other than a small writing desk.   I don’t think the photographs convey how warm and inviting this room is.  Faux throws, gleaming silver, rich browns, the gorgeously soft texture of the velvet sofa.  Champagne in the sitting room, darling?  Happy Holidays, indeed! 


I thought the arrangement of the pictures and the mirror really worked, and I loved the two lamps on the table. 


I love the wreath over the window, and the mercury glass acorns.  I have a slightly smaller version of these.


I’m definitely coveting that large silver bowl.  I can think of a dozen ways to use it right off of the top of my head.   The sofa and pillows look a little shiny in the photograph, but the couch was velvet and the pillows were much softer in person. 


I hope you’re all enjoying the show house tour.   I think there really is an idea or two in here for any home and budget.   I definitely got some ideas, and saw some things that I already do, or have done.  The scattered crystals on the table, the bowl of ornaments, the candy jars, and the wreath on the inside window are ones I’ve done in the past.   I still have the bedroom photos to post, as well as some outdoor shots, so more to come soon.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!




  1. Keep it coming Stephanie, these are great!
    Thank you :)))))

    Best wishes for a wonderful weekend

    Jeanne xx

  2. I just love to peek into people's homes and get new ideas! And I did get some here. Lovely photos, Stephanie!

  3. I am loving this showhouse Stephanie and the gift wrap room........oh my! We have very few showhouses in our area now so I do miss that type of inspiration so thank you for risking your camera and taking these shots. My many thanks also for you most lovely words on my guest post. Much love XO

  4. I could use some of these ideas from the home tours. At this point in my life, I am just going to do with what I have. There are some very good ideas in your shots for today.

  5. Hooray! I'm loving these posts with the beautiful home decor. I want that silver bowl too!!!!

  6. Love those acorns! Have no where to put them, but they are pretty!