Wednesday, December 15

a little more Christmas love …

… because I am really feeling the season here.  Presents are wrapped.  379e

Goodies are baking. (yes, I’m still in the baking mood!)   Snow is on the ground.  The kiddos are excited.  Yes, it’s Christmas in our house. 

I went ahead and copied that idea from the designer’s show house with the hydrangeas on the kitchen windowsill.  I had a hard time with the light between it being overcast and the snow outside.  The window grids are still being painted, but they’ll be back soon to finish it off. But I think you get the idea.   They make me smile every time I go into my kitchen. 

369e 370e

Another thing that makes me smile is all your sweet comments on my posts.  I wish I could share Peppermint Patties and Red Velvet Truffles with all of you. 

And now the star of the show … plain, and extra sparkly versions…

001 003

More to come … I hope you’re all enjoying the season as much as we are.



  1. Wow, Stephanie, I am dazzled by your beautiful tree, fab photo, everything looks gorgeous, love the Hydrangeas.

  2. Gorgeous, Stephanie. I love that starry shot of your tree.

    The hydrangea window sill is brilliant! Love it!

  3. Hello Stephanie,
    what a beautiful photo from the lovely tree. How did you make that. So gorgeous.
    have a merry Christmas.
    greetings, Johanna

  4. I wish you could share your pepperment patties and red velvet truffles with us too! Your tree and other decorations are gorgeous, Stephanie!!! xo

  5. I'm lovin it, and can't wait for school to finish on Friday, then it's two weeks off baby :)
    Love the pics.

  6. that package looks beautiful. you can come wrap my presents. i haven't even started yet.

  7. i love the hydrangeas... they look fantastic and the glow of the tree is so nice!

  8. You have a way with that wrapping paper, Stephanie! And I absolutely love how the hydrangeas look in the window. So pretty!

  9. Stephanie...I am loving your Christmas Spirit! Can you come to my house???
    Your wrappings, flowers and tree are just beautiful. I think we have the exact same kitchen window. I will now think of you every time I look out mine :) Your tree your gold theme.

    Keep Baking and Stay Merry!!

    Jeanne xxxx

  10. You have a lovely home well decorated awaiting Santas arrival. When you have children, it makes Christmas more special.

  11. It sounds like the perfect Christmas for your family. I love that it sound picture perfect. (no pun intended:)

    Do tell how you got that last shot. I love it.

  12. Your tree is just gorgeous, and the flowers are so perfect for your window. It's all beautiful!
    Have a very Merry Christmas!