Thursday, March 17

spring …


I don’t know if it was all the spring flowers I bought, (still keeping to my resolution of keeping flowers in the house),  the hydrangea cupcakes, or the groundhog keeping to its word, but we’re finally in the 50’s!  Woo hoo!  Tomorrow we’re hitting mid 60’s before it goes back down to the 40’s.  So it’s just a tease, but hey, go ahead and tease me.  I can tell spring is coming!

Spring sports are starting up here, which in our house means baseball, lacrosse and softball.   And running.  Lots of running.  And cheering.  As I say, it makes you busy, but it’s a good busy.

I’m surprised that I have, but I’m still watching American Idol.  And even though I don’t think he’s the best singer of the group, I still think Scotty is a cutie.   But there is some terrific talent, and after Wednesday’s show, I really don’t know who will win.  If you’re watching, who’s your favorite?

Lots of plans for a busy weekend coming up, though nothing really to blog about.   I hope I’m not boring you all to bits while I go about the working mom routine.  And thank you again to everyone’s well wishes for my grandmother.   We truly appreciate it. 

Happy St Patrick’s Day!





  1. I haven't watched the show yet but I did watch Casey. I didn't like that song and knew that I wouldn't as soon as I heard that he was singing it. Still love him though;-)

  2. Casey and Pia are my favs right now :) I'm hoping they're both in the finals.

  3. I just started watching the show the last couple of weeks. They really have some great talent this year. It could be anyone's guess as to who might win. I like country music so you know my favorite.

  4. Scotty is definitely up there but I thought Stefano really hit it our of the park (love Simply Red!) Pia is from the NY area so we've got to love her, too. Didn't have a chance to watch who left last night so may have to with my morning coffee. Have a great weekend, Stefanie.

  5. hello! it was nice here this week too so wonderful to have the sun shine on your face isn't it? i like Pia she's amazing. have a wonderful weekend for the first time in awhile we don't have much going, i'm looking forward to it!

  6. beautiful flowers. we had a great 60 degree day yesterday. only 50's today, but that's still nice. i missed wednesday nights show. i like casey and pia.

  7. those flowers are beautiful... i love spring and whould like to be where you can really appreciate it!

  8. Once again your photo is gorgeous! I am so happy that spring is right around the corner. I think we all need it...especially right now after the devastating news about Japan. I know all our thoughts and prayers are with them.
    I recently met up with a couple of bloggers and we met in Malibu where the temps were in the 80's that day. Now they are back to the 50's and 60's...but it was a wonderful tease. Have a great weekend, Stephanie.

  9. Never apologise for a boring post Stephanie because it just isn't going to happen! Your life sounds busy..warmer weather,the hustle and bustle of kids finally getting outdoors on a more consistent basis..all that fresh is all good news for a busy Mom.

    To top that off you gave us these gorgeous flowers. I am so happy to see that you are keeping the fresh flowers going. Such a welcome sight for you after a busy day with the kids...I know it is for me:)

    Happy Happy Weekend Stephanie :)

    Jeanne xx

  10. Gorgeous flowers Stephanie...
    Seems autumn has caught on over here.. nothing but rain!!!

    Have a lovely weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

  11. Gorgeous bouquet!!! LOVE the pinks. :o)

    I'm with you on American Idol - the talent this season is awesome. My favorite is James, but I really like Casey too. More of my favs are with the guys rather than girls this time.

  12. Beautiful spring flowers! Our spring arrived early this year, and now it's starting to be hot with highs in the 80s next week. At least that's plenty bearable. Soon it'll be way too hot! As for AI, my favorites are Casey and Scotty too.