Thursday, April 7


A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I hosted a Stella & Dot party.  I didn’t “read the fine print” before I agreed to host.  It turns out that when you host, you get a percentage of the jewelry sold, as well as a few pieces at half off.  I let my daughter choose something, and for the rest I mostly went with fun, summery pieces.  Here’s what I chose…

The silk bracelet with the charms is my daughter’s pick.


I loved the starfish brooch.   And the earrings too, but I promise I won’t wear them together. 

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I chose things that were different than what I have.  It was a good time to get some fun pieces.  Can’t wait to go play with it all!  Anyone want to come over and play dress up?




  1. Wow. Those pieces are quite beautiful!

  2. What a wonderful collection of jewelry you selected. All of it is very pretty. They used to do a lot of jewelry parties around here, but have not heard of one lately. However, the pieces they had were not as pretty as these. Enjoy it.

  3. that is super fun jewelry. perfect for summer. i am really love all the earrings. every single pair.

  4. Wow! VERY pretty, Steph! I'm in the mood for some new jewelry, although I probably should just shop in what I already have. I wear the same pieces over and over again!

    I love that turquiose necklace!

  5. Oh, I love the colors! Blue as the ocean.

  6. Wow what great choices!! They are so pretty. It looks like it will go great with Summer outfits. Really like your blog. Glad I found it!

  7. Very pretty! Love the colors. Don't tell anyone, but I don't have pierced ears. We were never permitted to have them, and when I got to college, the girls were all piercing each others many infections! They could have had a club... The Scabby Ears! :)

  8. Oh, what fabulous picks! That's the kind of fine print you want to have!!

    Enjoy dressing up!
    xo Elizabeth

  9. Beautiful pieces Stephanie! I love the coin bracelet. I was born during the year of zinc pennies. I found several in an antique store a few years ago and had them put on a charm bracelet. Your coin bracelet reminds me of my zinc pwnny bracelet.

  10. Love all your choices! You are all set for summer!

  11. The coral and turquoise bangles are bananas! Love that you got to choose some things at a discount - their prices are so reasonable to begin with, it must have felt like you got them for free. Happy weekend!

  12. ME ME ME!!! I LOVE TO DRESS UP, as you can tell by my TULLE on the beach! Thank you dear Stephanie for coming over! And the COLOR of these pieces is MY FAVORITE!

    ENJOY and be happy dearest, Anita

  13. wow Stephanie
    I love your picks.. Love the little charms.. and LOVE the turquoise!!! and with a nautical flavour!! great choices... will look smashing this summer

    funny.. i had earrings similar to those zircons and I bought myself starfish earrings on vacation last year!! hehe..

    ARe these your shots Stephanie? their great product shots!!

    ok have a good weekend.. ciao xxxx Julie

  14. Be right over...race you to see who can get the most on the fastest:)
    I say you are one lucky girl Stephanie...this is my favourite colour and any of those pieces will be fantastic this summer. Where white and let the jewelry speak for itself. That must have been some party!!

    Jeanne xx

  15. I'd love to! All the pieces you chose are absolutely beautiful!

  16. What fun and pretty pieces you have chosen. Perfect for summer. The colors are fabulous.
    I also love the flowers and containers in your previous post.
    Hope you are enjoying beautiful spring weather.