Wednesday, April 13

wednesday already?

Wow! I can’t believe how fast this week is going!  It’s been busy as usual, so I haven’t been around much.  I’ve tried to catch up here and there, but I’ve been a bad blogger.  

I was tired of the daily run around, so I took the day off yesterday and went shopping with a friend at a charity fundraiser, and then we had lunch.    Along the way, I saw this bag.


There is something about it – it’s so summery - and I do have to say that the color looks fabulous on me.   It isn’t too expensive.  But I usually don’t do shiny.   So …should I get it?   Talk me into it.  Or out of it. 

And while we’re at it, please feel free to talk me into these …

imageI love them and want to take them home with me.  They’re expensive, and not practical, but I love them.  Sigh … clearly the dreary chilly spring is taking it’s toll on me.  I can hardly wait for warmer weather.  

Hope it’s sunny and warm wherever you are!





  1. i say go for the purse!!!! i am a purse gal. love them all. can't have too many. i love that color. it will go perfectly with some of your new jewelry.

    on the other hand, i am not really a shoe gal. they look cute, but i could never walk in them.

    where was the bag from?

  2. ok, this is funny! we went shopping for shoes for my son making his communion and my daughter and i saw shoes just like these only shiny pink like the bag you pictured! my daughter said mom you should get them, i loved them but passed figuring if i showed up to pick up the kids at school in them they'd wonder if i'd lost my mind and i don't think i could wear them to grocery shop! have a beautiful weekend! thank you for your sweet comments :) xo susan

  3. Think Diane Keaton and go for it! Did you ever see the movie, 'Because I Said So'? I loved the way she dressed in that movie...sassy and spunky. Those shoes reminded me of the movie. I day go for it...the bag and the shoes!

    Glad the postcard found it's way to you Stephanie. I will pop my address over to wishes

    Jeanne xx

  4. I love the purse Stephanie. Simply says summer. The shoes are cute too.

  5. I have a Coach bag from last season that is exactly that colour and shiny too. I love wearing in the first days of spring and you just reminded me to go find it. Happy weekend. XO

  6. go for broke Stephanie.. if you can do it.. why not.. my poor little fallen arches would be screaming!! hahahaha

    I've been a bad blogger to... and it's already Thursday downunder..

    Have fun.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. I'm with Traci! The shoes are cute but I'd break my ankle...maybe even my neck! ha.

    Buy the purse AND the shoes! Treat yourself, my friend. I say you deserve those {and so much more}. xo

  8. It's been sunny and warm in Florida where we're enjoying an early spring break with the kids... I'd definitely take the bag over the heels!

  9. go for both!!! It will put a smile on your face!