Wednesday, June 22


Has it really been 9 days since I've posted? Since I've visited most of your blogs? Wow! It is madly busy here as always, as we wind down the last week of school and all the parties and fun stuff that go with it ... over 1500 posts unread in my reader, so I have to say "Sorry!" and start fresh. But if I missed something big, please, let me know in comments and I'll head on over. Some quick random hits and I will do my best to be back up and running soon ...

1. Computer woes - so I have no photos to share, though I've taken literally hundreds this month. The fan is defective, and it overheats and shuts down. I need to get that repaired ASAP!

2. Katie's softball team won first place in our league and then went on to win the championship. (I have the photos, just not on this computer).

3. My son had his first experience with finals week. He is fine. I may have gotten a gray hair or two during the process.

4. My baby girl got an award in school. Our middle school goes from 5th to 7th, and at the 7th grade assembly, she was honored with an award. (And mom is extra proud because only 4 fifth graders got awards.) Hers was the Shining Star award, for embodying our school's SPARK motto (Success, Pride, Accountability, Responsibility and Kindness) and for being the school's Shining Star of what every student should be. I am so proud of her! Go Katie! I only have a phone photo my husband took right now, but that's her in the white skirt and the navy top.

5. We're making summer vacation plans ... Anyone going anyplace fabulous?

6. My niece just had her sweet 16 party this weekend, and she looked way too grown up for 16. Is it just me, or do 16 year olds look way more grown up than when we were 16. When did this happen???

7. We celebrated Father's Day and Katie's birthday here with family. We've got a LOT of family, so it's always a party when we're all together. With my brothers and sisters and their families, and my dad and grandmother, we're 21 people. Add in a few cousins, and you see what I mean. I finally made that 3 layer Neapolitan cake for her birthday. One layer each of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Yum!!!

Phew! That's the round up from here. Hope all's well with you all, and I'll be checking out your blogs today!



  1. Sounds like wonderfully busy times Stephanie!

    Congratulations to your children!

    Hoping the dilemma is solved soon. I know how much you must miss posting photos!

  2. Hey Steph - Wow! You HAVE been a busy girl. Congrats to Katie - you have every reason to be proud.

    I hope your computer gets fixed ASAP. Can't wait to see some pix of that Neapolitan cake! xo

  3. wow - life is busy for you - glad your back - hope your computer is up and running again - so please share - where are you thinking of going on vacation??? I love hearing vacation plans - !!

  4. you have been super busy. wow. life does that sometimes. congrats to katie. very proud moment!! and yes, kids look way older than we did. when i was 16 i looked like 12 year olds do now. have a great day stephanie.

  5. hi Steph! hope you are well :) congrats on a wonderful week for your family! hugs, susan

  6. Just testing...the pop-up didn't come up this time! :o)

  7. My goodness! Well with all that going on, when would you have found time to post?? Hope this week is a fabulous one for you.

  8. No wonder you haven't posted in a while - what a whirlwind of fun! Your heart must have burst out of your chest when your baby girl got an award... I just watched my baby boy dance the swing at his "moving up" ceremony! Two kids - both middle schoolers now (sniff!) If you haven't seen the new Buzz layout, come on over...

  9. Congrats to your little lady!

  10. Just reading this post made me tired! I can't imagine actually doing it all! LOL! Your kids sound amazing. You have every right to be one proud Mama.:)

  11. Sweet Stephanie! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO SEE ME on your way back to BLOGLAND! Oh what a fun life you are living...busy, but FUN! To see the kids go on their own journeys; I know, I am a teacher. I am on vacation now and so loving it!

    HAVE A GREAT SUMMER! Come back soon, Anita

  12. You wore me pout just reading all this.