Monday, June 13

more quick summer meals


So I definitely should have taken the photo before I tossed the ingredients together – it looked prettier that way.  But don’t worry, it still tasted delicious.   It is so easy, I can’t really call it a recipe, but anything that feeds my family in less than 15 minutes is a winner to me.  This is one that I make on really hot days (like the 95 degrees we had Wednesday), cooking the pasta in the morning while we have breakfast, and then cooling it off in cold water, drizzling a little olive oil on it, and throwing it in the fridge until dinner.  Then I tossed in the rest of the ingredients, and dinner was on the table in less than 5 minutes.  This is also great for a summer picnic or buffet since there is no mayonnaise in there, and it always is a hit.  It tastes great the second day too.

Summer Tortellini Salad

1 package tortellini, cooked according to directions on package


Red Onion

Feta Cheese 

Oregano or Fresh Basil, your choice

Olive oil and Red Wine Vinegar

Easy and delicious.  The red onion works well with these flavors, but it also stands out in case someone doesn’t want to eat the onion.

More summer favorites to come …



  1. It looks yummy but I'd probably be the only one that liked it in my family!

  2. My kind of throwing things together. That looks so good. Perfect for this hot weather we are having.

  3. Pasta and feta in one dish - yum! And I love the idea of cooking the pasta when it's still cool out.

  4. Looks good.
    I need to pick up some tortellini for my husband ;)
    I unfortunately/ or fortunately am done with wheat and dairy ;)

  5. Yummo... it sounds delicious.. I remember I used to buy some sort of tortellini salad near my workplace and just loved it..

    Wish I could pop over to visit.. darn cold here and I STILL have the flu.. In fact I am thinking of travelling and tossing up between europe of USA... decisions decisions..

    Have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. yyyyyyyyum!!! And what a great idea to cook the pasta earlier in the day. I want to come to your house for dinner!

  7. Oh so yum! I wonder if I could pretend I'm not on Weight Watchers and eat this? Ok maybe just a taste!