Wednesday, June 29

from farm to table …


022e019ws One of summer’s sweetest pleasures is visiting a local farm for fresh fruits and veggies just picked that morning.   Those sweet blueberries disappeared in a minute!   Be sure to visit a local farm stand soon, and Happy Eating!





  1. There is nothing better than a farm to table dinner. I am dying to do one of those dinners where they have a big table set up in a field and everything is cooked from local ingredients!!!

    I'm loving all the summer berries right now!
    xo Elizabeth

  2. It is the best............ I love knowing that you're eating produce just picked, most likely, that morning; nothing compares! Can't wait to go this weekend. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Fresh fruit and veggies cannot be beat. We have several local farmers that brings their produce to town. It is rather high, but worth it.

  4. I am loving all the fresh blueberries in season now! I've been having them for breakfast with Greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey. Yum!

  5. step i have to say your photos are REALLY great! i love buying from the farms. the kids and i are going to pick blueberries in a week or two! have a great 4th!! susan

  6. We have nothing except strawberries at the stand.s The tomatoes won't come in for a month, and the blueberries don't ripen here till August.
    Have a wonderful 4th!
    Great pics!

  7. Love your photos Stephanie, pure summer! Looks like you had a great 4th of July and I imagine you will have a pretty busy summer too. Hope you get in some 'me' time :)

    Jeanne xxx