Tuesday, June 28

waterside …

Over the weekend, my sister invited us to her club for dinner.  It’s right on the water, and even though it was cloudy, the sunset was still lovely.    Eating outside in the summer is one of my favorite things to do.   Eating outside at the water and I’m in heaven.


We ate on the deck overlooking the beach, the kids went for a swim in the pool, and we spent an altogether lovely evening there.    043ws 074ws   And rounded out the day with a little rock skipping… 098ws

There’s nothing like a summer evening at the shore …

Hope you’re making some lovely summer memories!




  1. Stephanie how beautiful, Makes me want to head for the beach right now.

  2. Gearing up for a week at the Cape where we cook out on the beach every night - can't wait to crack into a lobster with sand between my toes and the sun setting on the horizon... Such pretty pictures, Stephanie!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Like a postcard. Port Washington?

  4. Absolutely stunning views, and your photography is such a nice compliment. What a great way to spend an evening!!! xo

  5. oh i wish i was there with you. the seashore just speaks to me. thanks for sharing your beautiful images.

  6. Hi Dear Stephanie
    Gorgeous shots.. especially the 3rd.. must have been wonderful eating there..we have quite a few spots on the water near my home..[clubs that is..].. and only the other day I realised i never go there.. might have to change that... ..We aussies will eat out even in winter.. although granted our winter is milder than yours..

    Have a wonderful week enjoying your summer.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. Very, very, beautiful Stephanie. Thank you.

  8. that is so beautiful! so picturesque!!!!

  9. what a perfect spot!!! Love the skies at night - I bet dinner was wonderful