Wednesday, June 8

hot hot hot …

It is definitely hot here.  After a very cold and rainy spring, we are full on into hot and humid.  As in, today is going to be 95 degrees, and tomorrow 98!    Just two weeks ago, we couldn’t go out without a jacket.   But the upside to the sudden heat is the sudden profusion of garden loveliness we get to enjoy.


The hydrangeas have begun to come out too.  A few years ago, we had a hedge of hydrangeas over forty feet long planted on one side of the house.   I absolutely love them. 

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What’s blooming in your garden?




  1. weeds!!! just kidding. i have control over them now, but come july they will have taken over.

    those are beautiful!! i don't have any of those yet.

    it is supposed to be cooler here tomorrow so it's coming your way.

  2. It IS hot! What happened to Spring! I know it is worse in there.
    No hydrangeas yet, peonies and roses though!
    Stay cool!
    I bet your hydrangea hedge looks magnificent!

  3. The peonies and iris are wilting in this heat, as are we! Not ready for summer yet but glad it's not raining... Such pretty blossoms!

  4. The flowers do not know what to do. The weather has been so crazy. However, they are all dying now. Hard to keep them watered enough.

  5. Gorgeous hydrangea shot! Oh it's so hot here everything wilts without daily watering.

  6. Oooooh! SO pretty, Steph! Our roses bloomed like crazy at the beginning of April but they are fizzling out now. They'll be hit-and-miss over the summer months here - it just gets too darn hot.

    Your flower shots are beautiful - LOVE those light pink roses!!! xo

  7. hydrangeas are my favorite flower in a garden - i bought my first one a few weeks ago
    now I want to go get a bunch more
    stay cool
    its really really hot down here already