Monday, June 6

random round-up …


1.  Busy days here.  We’re winding up the last three weeks of school.  Which translates to playoff games, spring concerts, finals, projects and a healthy dose of spring fever mixed in.  But as I always say, it’s a good busy.

2. I snapped the photo above while my baby girl was doing her homework at my desk.  Which leads to another of my fairly random photo tips:  take a photo of the little stuff.  The details.  One day, I will need a little boost to remember her utter concentration and focus so that she never even noticed I was taking the photo, the way she stacked those bracelets, the way she loves to work at my desk.  A photo of the little things will save these memories for me.  I think it’s most important the busier you are, since we tend to miss things then.  Make yourself stop and take notice, and then take a picture.  I promise that one day your kids will look at a picture you took of them in their room, and remember a beloved toy, or their favorite thing in the room, or an equally lovely memory.    Get the big events on camera, but don’t forget the details.

3.  The lovely Irene over at Happy Turtle gave me the Versatile Blogger Award last week.  Thanks Irene!  Check out her blog for an interesting view of the world from Greece.  Design, decor, and a neat shop are all there.    Irene very sweetly said she chose me because I am “so cool and talented yet doesn't make a fuss about it.”   Irene, trust me, if I were that cool and talented, I would totally be making a fuss about it!  But I thank you!  I’m supposed to pass this on to 15 newly discovered bloggers,and I am going to have to work on that.  I’ll do my best to get to it soon!

4.   I saw a neat idea on Pinterest.  It came from this blog, which I have never visited to be honest, but I will check out soon.


This is her playroom chalkboard, filled with summer ideas for her family.  I’ve made up a similar list after I saw this, but I can’t figure out how or where I am going to display it.  Fun, right?

That’s it for now. Have a great week everyone!





  1. This is just a wonderful post, Stephanie. I love the photo of your daughter. Perfection!!

  2. Yes, we must remember the little things, Steph. That's why I take so many photos.

  3. Hi Steph ~ What a fun random post. :o) I LOVE the photo of your girl concentrating. It's a great shot - which is one of the things I love about your photography. You have the ability to capture moments like this and it seems to come so easy to you.

    Yeah, you ARE a big deal! ;o) xo

  4. That is a cute idea, and great shot of your scholar!

  5. Two great take aways today! I love your tip of photographing the every day moments...the ones we absolutely forget. And, that chalkboard list of summer activities is just the cutest thing ever!

    Thanks, Stephanie! I hope you have a great week.
    xoxo elizabeth

  6. Those little moments make up our lives. I am certain that when you look at this photo years from now, you will feel the same elation you felt watching your child grow into a person of her own. Lovely photo, Stephanie.

  7. that is such a sweet photo of your daughter. yes, the little things are so important. i think they tug at the heartstrings more than the big things sometimes. i think that would be a great photo to frame and keep on that desk.

  8. so so true
    some of my favorite photos are just the ones of everyday life -nothing special or important just the everyday
    congrats on the award - i enjoy all your photos so much

  9. Looks like you'll be a whirlwind this summer! And what a cute pic of your daughter! I love her blue specs!LOL!
    PS Council of Dads has a happy ending so it's not as tragic as you think.:)

  10. I love catching those every day moments, but sometimes I forget. Thanks for the reminder. Lovely photo of your daughter.