Wednesday, August 24

last lighthouse …


This is the last lighthouse photo – promise!  (Unless I happen to visit any others soon…)  This was the last photo from the lighthouses, taken with my husband’s iphone.    There is something about this picture and the rocky coast that just says “MAINE” to me. 

I’ve been having some computer and work issues, so I may be in and out of here for a bit.   But I will definitely be keeping up with all of you on your blogs.   And when I’m back, I will definitely be off of my Maine kick!




  1. I don't mind your "Maine kick" at all. And I'm surprised that this photo was taken with an iPhone! Wow. It's gorgeous.

  2. Looks beautiful, have a great day Stephanie :)

  3. I am always so pleasantly surprised on the quality of iphone pics and this one is go great. Love the lighthouse. XO

  4. I have so enjoyed your "Maine kick"! Your photos have been fabulous. I'm glad you are back home because I understand the hurricane is headed your way. My brother lives on his boat in Maine during the summer so I hope he is making preperations to go land side during the storm. How about you? I understand your area is in for the storm too. Keep us posted.