Friday, August 26

oh scotty!

107 111e 

I may have gone for my daughter, but I cannot tell a lie.  I had a really good time!   Everyone put on a really good show at the American Idol concert, even the ones who weren’t necessarily my favorites.   But it is definitely Scotty’s night.   He came on at the end, and that boy really worked that stage.   As I said in my Facebook status – the 12 year old girl that lives in my heart loves him. 

In other news, we are apparently smack in the middle of Irene’s path.  Right now, if she stays on track, we are looking at 85-100 mph winds and 10 inches of rain.  Batten down the hatches, kids!   Hopefully, we avoid the worst of it, and stay cool and dry.   If you’re so inclined, say a prayer for everyone in the path of this hurricane.  Thanks!




  1. I've been thinking of you today. Will definitely keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

    Stay safe!

  2. OH DEAR, I need to keep in the know about you all, my dear friends on the EAST COAST!

    And don't we all, if we are really honest, have that 12 year old heart still? teeeheeee...

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR VISIT STEPHANIE! You are just wonderful. Yes, end of summer is bittersweet, but such is life; c'est la vie...Anita

  3. Stay safe, you and all of yours.

  4. hope that by the time it gets there is not that bad... i've been through a few of them and can sympathize with you... take care!!!

  5. I don't even know who he is! I am out of it!

    Praying for all us here on LI, hope it is not as bad as they say!

  6. glad you had fun! i'll keep you and everyone else in my prayers. hope things are ok with you please keep me posted. xo suz

  7. :o) This post makes me smile, Steph. I love that you enjoy your Scotty so much. So glad you got to see the show.

    Carrie and I went to an American Idol tour show the very first year the show was run. It was so much fun to see everyone perform in person. :o)