Wednesday, October 26

sweets and treats …


Thanks to all you sweeties who left birthday wishes here, on Facebook, in emails and more.   You girls really made my day!   It was a great but busy weekend – football, birthdays, and softball, going out with friends, and lots of fun stuff.    Not too much to share here, just some birthday treats – a mint chocolate cupcake, because I don’t usually bake myself a cake for my birthday – so this post will be a little random.  I did bake for my dad the next day – a red velvet cake with cinnamon flavored frosting.  Yum!  It’s lighter than cream cheese frosting, and really tasty. 


I’ve given up my diet coke addiction, but every once in a while, you really want one.   These little mini-bottles are so cute and hit the spot just right.   Have you seen them?  I think they’re adorable. 


Has anyone ever asked you what is the one food you would choose if you were on a desert island?  For me, it would be tomatoes.  Definitely.   YUM!   This one was the very last one from my dad’s garden this year, and he gave it to his tomato-loving girl.   (Thanks Dad!)


He also brought me the last of his beautiful Dahlias from his garden.  (Isn’t my dad the best?)  I hope your week is sweet and full of treats!




  1. ok - how can you give up Diet Coke???????? That just seems insane to me!!! :) Glad your birthday was a perfect day and that cupcake looks delish- actually craving one as I read your post -
    HOpe your doing well - can you believe it's the end of oct already?

  2. I would have to toss between tomatoes or corn on the cob. Love both.

  3. Yep, your dad's the best, and the apple didn't fall far from the tree, my dear. So glad you had a good birthday! You deserved it.

  4. so happy that your weekend was wonderful. i'm with deb. now we know where you get all your sweetness from. you're using that macro lens again. making me swoon.

  5. Your dad sounds alot like mine - he grows tomatoes by the bunches and we're always thinking up new ways to serve them... Will have to get Dad to grow some dahlias as they are some of my favorites! Tummy rumbling and ready for a cupcake!

  6. Belated birthday wishes Stephanie! Your cupcake looks fabulous! I love tomatoes too.

    I should give up my diet coke addiction. The little bottle reminds me of the cokes when I was growing up.

    Happy Halloween Weekend!

  7. A very Happy Birthday to you! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. And your dad sounds like the sweetest person on earth. My dad always grew tons of tomatoes and dahlias too. I think you and I were blessed with very wonderful parents.
    I loved your apple picking photos. Where did you go apple picking? Your photos are a true expression of autumn. And you know I am absolutely crazy in love with your dahlia photos. Fabulous!
    I hope you are having a great weekend.

  8. Happy belated birthday, Stephanie!!! I gave up Diet Coke almost a decade ago (that shocks even me!) but that darling bottle has me craving a sip!!!

    And pink dahlias.....LOVE!!!!

    Hope you've had a fabulous weekend!
    xo Elizabeth

  9. Diet Coke is like poison for the body and I congratulate you for giving it up!!!

    Hope you had a fantastic B-Day my dear!

  10. how sweet! i love the flowers so pretty! glad you had a nice weekend!! xo susan

  11. Those Dahlias are simply stunning. Hope your birthday was wonderful! We're wishing you a year filled with great things!
    xo E + J

  12. Sorry I missed your birthday, and sorry about your aunt. I only have one left out of 14 aunts and uncles many of them died in their 50's and some d till past 90! My parents we both one of 7, one the oldest, one the youngest!
    And yes, dad's are the be Mine died when I was a teen, but I have wonderful memories of him!
    No snow this weekend! We lost power.