Friday, December 23

the details …

Though it has been a very busy week for the whole family, I managed to shoot just a few of the details that make Christmas special for us.  Since my dining room walls are a soft sage green, I decided to do the whole room with green, white and silver accents.   Set off by a white tablecloth and candles and fresh greens on the corner hutch, the room looked so pretty and bright.  

001 002 004

We’ve gotten more than twice these cards since they’ve arrived, so we have a second card display now.  I love getting Christmas greetings from friends and family.  Maybe you can spot your card in the mix?


 These are the sweet houses that I won last year from Heather Bullard.  Aren’t they adorable?  008

It may seem strange to hang the Christmas stockings from a window, but they really work in that room, so we went with it.  It seems no matter how heavy the stocking holders we got, we always ended up with something tipping over.  


010 The living room and tree have an overlaying them of fruits, flowers and butterflies.   Here are some of them, as well as some favorite ornaments. 

014 015 016 017 018 019 025


035 Last but not least, our angel topping the tree.  We’ve had her at the top of the tree since our first married Christmas, and I really love her.   She was a present from my dad, who wanted me to choose a light up star, (he tried to talk me into it for over an hour) but let me have what I really wanted instead. 

039 040 That’s all for now – if I posted all of our Christmas details, we’d probably be here until next Christmas!  I hope you’re all ready and relaxing as we come into the final stretch.  


  1. oh so beautiful stephanie. the angel is amazing. you have a lot of cards there too. i am loving all of it. have a merry, merry christmas my friend. xo!!

  2. You have been busy Stephanie! It all look so festive and beautiful. Happy Holidays.........have a most wonderful week. XO

  3. STEPHANIE!!!!!!!!! YIKES! It has been a long time my dear! HOW LOVELY your home looks and the photos are just so fabulous. SO BRIGHT!

    Thank you for stopping by in spite of probably having so much to do! BLESSINGS UPON YOU AND YOURS! Anita

  4. I love your colour scheme have been busy! Your home looks like the perfect place to spend the holidays. Thanks so much again for your lovely note and Christmas card. It has a prominent spot amongst ours.. :)

    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday Stephanie!

    Jeanne xx

  5. Such a beautiful home - you defiantly have a gift for decorating - I loved seeing all your photos have a blessed Christmas
    Hopefully we can meet next year!

  6. It all looks gorgeous, Stephanie!
    Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

  7. Everything is so lovely. You have a great eye! I too would have gone with the angel. She is beautiful.