Thursday, January 19

a freebie



Just a quick post today.  I know this time of year we are all looking to get organized.  Well, for a very limited time, this book, regularly $17, is free for Kindle readers hereThat includes free for people who have the kindle app on their iPad, iPod touch or smart phone.   I’m not at all sure when it ends, so keep on eye on the price before you hit the “Buy” button.   I bought this one and haven’t read more than a few pages, but it looks like a terrific organizing tool.  




  1. Hello Stephanie
    I am trying to do a little catching up this morning.
    I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother.

    The book looks wonderful.

    The salad and resort look great too!

  2. hi steph! i have the nook :( have a super day!! suz

  3. I have an ipad, so now Kindle here, but thanks!
    Stay cozy!

  4. Thank you! I just downloaded it. I can use all the help I can get in the organization department!

  5. Hi Dear Stephanie
    Well I'm playing catch up too.. and didn't realise I missed so much and your giveaway...

    Hope all is well your way. and I might look at this offer seeing I have that ipad i got os... great idea

    Have a lovely weekend and thanks for your thoughtful comment.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. Knew I should have gotten a kindle...perfect for my New Year's Resolution!! Happy Friday ~

  7. i have that book on my ipad. love it.

  8. you are the nest for letting me know about this... have a great weekend!

  9. fingers crossed for a kindle one day. Hugs!