Saturday, January 21

that kind of woman …

I saw a quote on Pretty Pink Tulips last summer, and pinned it on Pinterest.   Since that day, over 1100 people have re-pinned it from me and over 200 have “liked” it.  That doesn’t count everyone who pinned it on their own or from other people.  Kind of crazy, right?   So I thought I would share it with all of you, because I still really love this one.  35606653273384061_31oWj71B_c

I do want to be that kind of woman.  Especially at this time of year – with it’s clean fresh start. 

And if you’re not familiar with Pretty Pink Tulips or it’s charming author Elizabeth, do head on over.   She’s got style and grace down pat.   You’re in for a delightful visit whenever you stop by. 

Hope you all have a great week!



  1. Ah! What a great quote. :o) I'm off to check out that blog...

    {Happy weekend, friend!}

  2. No problem with that one is our house...they hit the deck running.. :) Thx for the suggestion Stephanie, I am off to check her out.
    This is a clear example of the power of words...loved this one!

    Jeanne xx

  3. I so agree on both - love the quote and love Elizabeth! Happy weekend, Stephanie.

  4. Amen!
    Enjoying the snow. I can deal with the 6 inches as long as the 53 degrees comes true Monday!

  5. I've seen that one on Pinterest and always liked it! I'm going to check out Pretty Pink Tulips now.

  6. Funny isn't it, the way we all connect through places like Pinterest or blogging. Congrats for inspiring so many people. And Thank You for your good wishes on my eldest's birthday :)

  7. Steph i love this! i want to be her too. nothing like a fresh year to try to be better everyday! thank you for your encouragement, it means so much to me! i'm so grateful for you :) xo suz

  8. Stephanie,
    I adore Elizabeth. She really is an amazing woman and lovely too.
    She is inspiring and so bubbly!

  9. Aww...Stephanie. What an absolute surprise and delight to find this kind post. That quote makes me laugh and gives me gumption all at the same time. I LOVE knowing how many people have pinned that from you!!!!

    And, I'm so thrilled that you've picked up the paintbrush again. It is NEVER too late to try something new or return to an old love! Hope you'll share your artwork when you're ready!!!

    xo Elizabeth