Tuesday, January 31


If anyone got an email from me today, please disregard it and delete it.   My personal email account was hacked, and my address book was accessed.  I notified AOL, and changed my password so anything in the future should be fine.  My sister also tried to reply all to people so that they would know it was spam.   But if you have any doubt, email me before you reply to see if it was really me.   Why do people do this to us?  I feel violated.  I really do.   And I am completely aggravated.  Ironically, one of the addresses it sent it to was my security software customer service, and I already got an email from them that they were investigating.   Sigh …

To end on a happier note, a picture I took on Sunday.  





  1. Computers are great when things work like they should. I know so little, when mine acts up, freak out. I have had problems logging into my email, but trust it is not a hacker causing it. Trust you get things worked out soon. My flowers are my weakness, and this bloom is awesome.

  2. Hi Dear Stephanie
    Actually I got the email also and didn't open it as I felt it was 'suspicious'.. I meant to email you to let you know and completely forgot.. [it was late at night.. that's my excuse] good thing I'm not your security service

    It a good reminder to change our passwords regularly yes!!!

    So .. gorgeous shot of the flower... ciao xxx Julie

    Anyway hope that is over for you now..

  3. Aol seems esp vulnerable.
    Pretty flower!
    Spring like today!

  4. Ugh. How could anyone be so mean as to hack someone who can take a photo as lovely as that? Mean people suck.

    And I agree with Kathleen as my mom has an AOL account and has been hit several times. :o\

  5. Yes, why do people bother. So crazy. Love the photo!