Thursday, March 1

more random thoughts …

… with some pretty bad photos.  Sorry about that – its been it dark and gloomy here.  At least all this rain hasn’t been snow.  003

But while the photos aren’t great, can I brag a bit and tell you what a huge hit these were at the Teacher Appreciation Lunch?  They smelled terrific.  Strawberries and chocolate – yum! I normally don’t like buying strawberries in the winter here.  No matter how good they look, they rarely taste that great.  But these smelled so yummy, I took a chance.  SO worth it.  Two dozen vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and topped with chocolate covered strawberries.  Nothing to them but they look like you put a lot of effort into them. 


I found I this great box on Pinterest.  It’s available on Amazon, and it comes in white and five other colors.  Its by Blue Lounge Design, and it holds a power surge protector and all of the cables that lead into it.  I think I am going to get one for the TV and all the video equipment and games that go with it, another for the desk, and one for the counter where we charge all our stuff.  Here's the link if you’re interested. 


In the “more bad photo department”, here’s one I snapped really quickly (didn’t even check my settings) on the way out of the car on Sunday. The moon looked pretty neat, and there were a couple of planets visible here.  (Only one shows in the photo.) 


As I complained to my husband that you really can’t see the stars where we live anymore (mostly light pollution I guess),  I zoomed in and saw this:


Can you believe not one star was visible to the naked eye?  Amazing what a really great lens will pick up, isn’t it? 

And one more cupcake shot to sweeten up your day …




  1. Oh my gosh, those cupcakes look amazing...though I think anything with a chocolate covered strawberry on top of it sounds great!! :)

    And those pictures you captured of the sky are awesome! I've loved the moon this last week because it looked like the Cheshire Cat's smile! :)

  2. You have my mouth watering, Stephanie! I, too, picked some organic strawberries the other day (on sale no less!) and had a delicious breakfast this morning... without the frosting! Your pictures (even the bad ones!) are always a treat.

  3. that's kind of a bummer that you can't always see the stars. i suppose i kind of take for granted that everyone can. now when i look up and see them i will think of you.

    those are very yummy treats. i wouldn't be able to stop eating them.

  4. The cupcakes look wonderful Stephanie and your photos are fabulous as always!

    Which lens did you use? Just wondering if I have it, too.

  5. Wish I had a big plate of those strawberries.

  6. i thing those images are delicious!!! Happy Friday!

  7. Oh they look luscious! What a great treat!

    We see the stars, as there are no lights out here. That is something people always say, how dark it is. I guess I am used to it. When we lived in Huntington there were street lights. No such thing here. I leave the candles in the windows till the clocks go ahead, just so there is a little brightness when I get home.

  8. i can see why they were a hit!! they look really beautiful, so sweet of you too! i love the night photo, very cool. hope you are enjoying the weekend!! xo suz

  9. Oh strawberries, chocolate and cupcakes? Yum!

  10. chocolate and strawberries so divine!

  11. You are incapable of taking a bad shot! Those cupcakes look scrumptious!

  12. Good God, Stephanie!These are amazing! Bravo!

  13. Stepahnie,
    These are truly a thing of beauty...I've never even seen a cupcake topped with a chocolate strawberry! Great photos!