Monday, March 5

newport, rhode island

We usually go to Newport in the spring or summer, when the weather is at its best, the mansions of the Preservation Society are open, and the gardens are lovely.  But this was the second time we went in the winter and we did have a terrific time.  If you’ve never been, Newport is a great place to visit – tons of history, the water, and those grand testaments to the “Golden Age” at the coast. 

A trip to Newport wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Brick Alley Pub.  We always go there our first night in town.  Nothing fancy.  Just simple food, served fast and fresh in a fun spot. 

003 004 005

My kids have always loved that old truck parked in the middle of the restaurant.  After dinner, we always need a walk through town to work off some of that food. 

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I’ll be back with more photos of the rest of our trip this week.  Hope you had a terrific weekend




  1. i will have to add that to my list of places to visit. the brick ally pub looks like my kind of place.

  2. My daughter went to URI we always stayed in Newport when we visited we always went to a mirco brewery that the name escapes me but it was fun. The mansions are so beautiful. Her off campus housing was a beach house.

  3. Looks like lots of fun! The best places are those with lots of character - and this place has lots :)

  4. Stephanie,
    I can't wait to see more of your photos. I have never been to Newport and it is definitely on my short list. We're so close....I just need to make it happen!!

    xo Elizabeth

  5. i love the streets, my kind of place loaded with charm! glad you had fun, look forward to more pics!! xo suz

  6. Unfortunately, I have never been there. Based on your report, it is a place I would enjoy.

  7. i love that place... it's so picturesque!

  8. I'd love to live in a town like that!
    By the way, I am looking at the photo with your son in it, and can't believe how much he's grown.