Wednesday, March 7

newport, day two …

Day two in Newport was rainy and windy.  Not the best day for sight seeing.  But we did get to see a couple of the mansions.  (Sorry – they don’t allow indoor photography.) 

026 027

Then we got in a little shopping, followed by lunch at a neat little Irish pub.  I have to say – they’ve added a lot of new things to the menu while still offering up some of their classics.  I like the new menu a lot better.  In the past, I really only went along to humor the hubs, but this time the food was delicious.  If you’re reading this Elizabeth, I was definitely thinking of you when I took this photo.

046 047crThe neat thing about these photos is that there are patches up behind the bar from a lot of fire departments around the country.  The one where my husband volunteers is up there, along with several other local volunteer fire departments.  It was fun to see so far from home.

After we warmed up a bit, we took a walk through town, shopping and having fun.   We had to stop at the smallest yummiest cookie shop down near the water.  Soooo good. 

050 053 054 055

Then we warmed up again with a dip in the hotel pool.  It was so nice in there.  I’ve never seen it so crowded before, but with the weather as wet and chilly as it was, I wasn’t surprised. 


I will have to find some of my Newport photos from the summertime – it is so gorgeous then. 

Hope you’re having a terrific week!




  1. You are making me want to plan a trip to Newport! Looks like a great place for photography!

  2. i love the mansions... it's amazing to think that they were only summer places!

  3. Even in winter, Newport has a special charm. How nice it must have been to stroll the streets and not be completed run down by tourists!

  4. yeah, another installment of your adventure. i love seeing new places whether in person or on your blog. thanks for letting us follow along. that old pub looks like quite the place. all the history.

  5. You covered a lot of neat and interesting places on this outing.

  6. Lol
    You have me smiling right now!
    Oh how b would love that pub!
    Love your creative photo of the taps too
    We may just have to make a trip up there this summer
    It looks just like a spot I'd love to walk around
    Hope your weeks going great

  7. I love Newport, RI. haven't been in quite a few years, but I think I would love to go in the winter when it's quiet. Great photos!

  8. I love this post, Stephanie. The photos are wonderful!

    A friend of ours shipped lobster from RI, once upon a time. It was the only time we boiled lobster. Somewhere in all my photos, I have documentation. That was many a long year ago, when we still lived on the farm. The lobster was wonderful. J did a great job!