Friday, March 9

newport, day three…

Our last day in Newport was beautiful and sunny.  Unfortunately, it was also the day that the east coast was buffeted by 25-50 mph winds.  Clearly I didn’t plan that well weather-wise, but it was the only time we could bring my cousin, and we really wanted to take her along.  At least it was sunny, right? 

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These next few were taken from an enclosed porch on the second story at the Breakers, the only place they allow photography.  You can see a number of people walking on the outside of the fence.  This is the Cliff Walk.  It’s a  walk of a couple of miles down the coast, some of it easy, some of it not so easy.   And it’s a beautiful thing to do when it’s NOT gusting 50 mph winds.  I think the waves give you an idea of what it was like out there.  Summer, friends.  Visit in summer. 

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The rest of the photos are from a drive down Ocean Avenue.  There are some amazing homes here.  And you can see a lot more of them in summer when they’re not hiding behind all the green.   This first one is one of our favorites, and the second gives you an idea of the view from the house.   Hello, gorgeous.092 098 101 105

That’s it for Newport!  Hope you enjoyed our long weekend there.  Definitely go for a visit if you can.  It’s such a pretty place.


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  1. yeah, another trip today. wow. that home was gorgeous. can you imagine those views every day. lucky! i love the images of the waves crashing.