Friday, June 8

big blue

One of the things I definitely did right when we landscaped our side yard was the hedge of blue hydrangeas we planted.  About 45 feet long, lush and lovely.   Some of these are now as tall as I am.  And while they do take up a good amount of space, they never fail to make me happy. 

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Pretty, aren’t they?  And in other news, I must apologize once again for being an absent blogger.   We still have two more weeks of school here, and as always, it’s a mad dash to the end.   We’re plenty busy – just not a whole lot to blog about and not a whole lot of time to do it in.  

Hope you all have a lovely weekend filled with family friends and all good things.   Enjoy!




  1. pretty is not even the word for them. wow. they are spectacular. i need to plant some of those. have a great weekend.

  2. Just beautiful!! They would never fail to make me happy too! There's something about the east coast and blue hydrangeas...they just go together!!

  3. I think those beauties knew you were going to take their photos Stephanie. I don't have any luck with them so I am content to look at yours. Happy weekend. XO

  4. I would love to have blue hydrangeas. Ours are pink...even after we amended the soil. I love the pink, but have always liked the look of blue.

    I've been a sort of sluggish blogger. Busy times and internet problems a couple of weeks time spent with Grands at the lake and elsewhere, slows down the blogging. Worth every second.

  5. How beautiful - my hedges are green viburnum but thinking of making a switch! Happy Monday.

  6. Gorgeous! Mine haven't bloomed yet! We are a few weeks behind you.