Friday, May 25

a little help please!

I am trying to post the video tutorial for the cupcakes with Windows Live Writer (for blogger) and it is trying to make me post my file on You Tube.  I’d rather not.  So does anyone know how else I can post it?  Will blogger let me do it directly without posting it on-line?  Thanks to anyone who can help.

IMG_0386 A very Happy Memorial Day to those of us in the US.  Please take a moment in the festivities to remember those who served. 
And a few quick phone snaps – the hydrangeas are coming out! woo-hoo!   Have a great weekend!



  1. i can't help you. sorry. have a wonderful weekend stephanie!!

  2. Best wishes for a Happy Memorial Day Weekend Stephanie. Wish I could help on the video are way ahead of me on that one. Hydrangeas...just love!
    Jeanne xx

  3. No idea how to do that but I hope you're having a great weekend!

  4. Duh! I use Live Writer, but have never tried to post a video! :)

  5. Sadly - I'm a Wordpress girl and still have no idea how to post a video after three years of blogging. My peonies are in full bloom!

  6. hi Step, sorry i can't be of much help. hope you get it figured out. love your hydrangeas, beautiful!! xo suz

  7. great photos as always! going out to southampton today and can't wait to see what my hydrangeas look like! Have a great Fathers Day Weekend! xxBarbara