Friday, July 13

charleston, south carolina

Charleston is a place that you definitely want to have a camera with you.  The only worse thing than not having a camera?  Leaving all of your lenses home except for one.  And it wasn’t the wide angle I needed to shoot large homes on narrow streets either.  Sigh … I was definitely challenged to get the shot.   And I was definitely the only one there with a very good camera on my hip and a phone in my hand taking photos.  

But Charleston is one lovely city.  A city of gorgeous old homes, of porches, flags, window boxes, lanterns, gates, and churches.    Here are some random photos I took in the city.  Enjoy!  And have a great weekend.



Charleston 2012 006 Charleston 2012 013 Charleston 2012 015e Charleston 2012 021e Charleston 2012 075e Charleston 2012 100Charleston 2012 188Charleston 2012 131e  Charleston 2012 141e Charleston 2012 152e Charleston 2012 193e  Charleston 2012 219e


  1. Your photos are gorgeous. They are so artistic. I've been to Charleston a few times and always was so amazed by the beauty and history.


  2. Stephanie,
    You make me want to visit! What a gorgeous city! I have always heard that it was. Your photos make it come alive.:)

  3. Ive always heard its a beautiful city... Really makes me want to visit next time I'm around!

  4. Stephanie,
    Your photos are so beautiful! I've never been to Charleston and this makes me want o book a trip. I also LOVE your idea of souvenirs...Baking flour...I think we have a lot in common...I doubt there are too many of us that would get excited about bringing home flour from a trip!!

  5. I bet you could take a great picture with any old thing... even a Polaroid! Love the colors and Spanish moss. What a beautiful city!

  6. you did a great job capturing it's beauty!! hope you are well, sorry i've haven't been by in awhile....xo suz

  7. You've captured the essence of Charleston with these photos. My favorite thing about Charleston are the houses with the deep and long porches. I love porches!