Tuesday, July 10


I’m back from a trip to Charleston, South Carolina, and I brought home some souvenirs.   Of course, I have a lot of photos to share, but I thought I’d show you some things I brought home.  


Diet Cheerwine soda.  Oh my word.  It’s Cherry Soda without that syrupy-sweet taste so many cherry sodas have.  And you’d never know it was a diet soda.  SO good.   You southerners have been holding out on me.  How did I never know about this stuff?  I actually went to a supermarket in South Carolina and brought a whole bunch home.  Then I went on line and ordered more.  It’s that good. 


Another thing you cannot get up north is White Lily flour.  I came home with all-purpose, self-rising, and cornmeal.  LOTS of it.  Once again, you southern girls get all the good stuff.   I’m jealous.   Even a northern girl can turn out awesome biscuits with White Lily.   And I use the all-purpose in my southern cake recipes – a subtle but so worth it difference.  (FYI – the flour I use for ALL of my other other cooking and baking is King Arthur Flour.   If you can’t find it near you, order it on line. So worth it.)  image Graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow add up to so much more than a s’more in a Moon Pie.  Chocolate, Strawberry and Mint may have found their way home with us.   I don’t know whether I love or hate the person who came up with Mint Chocolate Moon Pies.  I had to buy the minis to help me control myself.  They are that good.  If you get to visit any of the three places that have a Moon Pie General Store, go there.  Definitely.  You’ll thank me later. 

I did get some other things in Charleston – you know, NORMAL souvenirs.   But these are stacked up in my kitchen right now and I’m loving it.  

More on Charleston soon!




  1. diet cheerwine. what a great name. i like you souvenirs. food is always good!!!

  2. It must have been hot there cause it was brutal here!
    Hope you had fun!
    I am a Gold Medal gal myself. I go through lots and lots of flour. KA is $$$!
    enjoy this cooler weather!
    We found a deer tick on 2 wk old Eamon, and he hadn't been outside! It must have hopped from one of the kids.
    Because of the mild weather this winter they are abundant!

  3. You must have brought along another suitcase for all these goodies - I know my boys would welcome the sugar high from the cheerwine and moon pies. Thanks for your sweet comment today and we so appreciate your support.

  4. ok - so whats the secret to using White Lily - why is it it better? WHat difference does it make? I ask b/c I 've never heard of it - fill me in - and yes I am in the south but I somehow think that Florida doesn't qualify as "the south"

  5. ok so whats the secret with using White Lily ? I 've never heard of it before - fill me in - I'm in the south but somehow think that florida doesn't qualify as "the south" if you know what I mean -- sorry if this goes through twice - it's acting goofy today