Monday, December 17

angels …


I hesitated as to whether I should write this post.   But my heart is too full of this heartrending sorrow to not write.  By now, you have all heard of the unspeakable tragedy that has befallen a Connecticut town.  By now, like me, you’ve probably shed many, many tears for these poor innocents lost forever.  There are no words to explain the unspeakable, nor words to make it right again.   It is unimaginable the horrors the parents of the slain must face.  The holiday season and the tender ages of the children make it an even more poignant loss.

As a mother, I can tell you this.  We nurture our babies under our hearts.   It’s where they grow.  We hold them, and cherish them, and protect them as best we can.  To me, having a child is like having a piece of your heart beating outside of your body.  And the thought that any mother, or father, should have to bear this is incomprehensible.  When I think of the sweet innocence of my children at that age, I cry again for what was lost.  Surely the angels in heaven must be weeping along with us, even as they enfold these little darlings into their care.

If you change one thing in your life as result of this tragedy, let it be this. Speak to your children and your loved ones with kind and sweet words. Because we just never know which time will be the last.

As for me, I believe in Heaven, and I believe in angels.  And I hope that you join me in praying to whatever power you believe in to grant a peaceful rest to these poor children and their teachers, and that somehow, someway, their families left behind can one day find a measure of peace.  

I pray that we will strive to make this world a better place.  And that one day, our children, and our children’s children, will see the day when all of mankind can live in peace with one another.  

Best, always,



  1. Perfectly said - I believe in heaven and god and angels and though I can't understand why this would happen - all I have is faith and hope - I can not begin to know how these families must feel especially at this time of year
    All I can do is pray for some so fort for them
    And I need to stop watching the news
    Bc all I do is cry for these little ones that I've never even met

  2. Thank you, Stephanie, for putting into such beautiful words what we've been feeling as well. We haven't said much publicly but in our hearts are aching for the families and for a community that is but an hour away. They will be in our thoughts and prayers throughout this holiday season.
    C + C

  3. thank you for sharing your beautiful words stephanie.

  4. This is such a beautiful post. I always find it hard that such an amazing place like the US has such a hard time coming together to solve problems, especially when they are a matter of life and death. I wish the families peace and comfort in these trying times!